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On Netflix This December: Get Ready for Some Holiday Binging!

On Netflix This December: Get Ready for Some Holiday Binging!

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    Dec 24, 2015   Author : admin


Holiday Season does things to our binge-watching activities and Netflix totally understands. Just in time for Christmas, Netflix is adding a bunch of new titles that look totally exciting and “binge-worthy” to us! Here’s a list of what we think you should be looking forward to. 

New Shows and Movies to look out for:

1. A Very Murray Christmas


Image via Netflix

Expect to get fast tracked right into the Christmas spirit with this simple but endearing Christmas special show starring Bill Murray that is full of the good old traditional holiday vibe. Need more reasons to watch? It’s one of the most-talked about shows right now and guest stars include the likes of George Clooney, Amy Poehler and Miley Cyrus! 

2. F is for Family

Here is one for the grown up cartoon lovers. “F is for Family” is the new Netflix original animated comedy about a middle class family living in the 70s. Gear up for some laughs and some really awkward funny moments!

3. Slow West 

A thrilling western movie starring Michael Fassbender, Slow West, tells the story of a young Scottish boy on a journey across the American Frontier in pursuit of the girl he likes and joined by mystery traveler on the way. 

4. Still Alice

Julianne Moore stars in this family drama as a Linguistic professor battling Alzheimer’s disease that puts her relationships with her family members at test. 

5. Aloha 

A romantic comedy/drama starring Bradley Cooper is just perfect holiday viewing material! When an ex-military contractor returns to the site where his career took off, he re-connects with an old flame but falls for the pilot he’s teamed up with. Happy tears are in order! 

6. How I Met Your Mother

Stock up on the snacks, Christmas appetizers, skittles, or anything you can find basically and watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother all day long. Join in with Ted Mosby on his quest to find everlasting romance and his fun loving gang of friends in this cute/funny sitcom.

…And, keeping up with the Christmas spirit here are some other Christmas special additions that are happening around this time of the year:

Arthur Christmas

Image via Teaser-Trailer 

A fun and heartwarming animated story about Santa’s son, who goes on a mission to rectify Santa’s error in delivering a gift to a girl- all in just two hours of time! All set to bring on the Christmas cheer with this one?

A Royal Christmas

Image via Hallmark Channel 

Netflix totally gets that a girl’s Christmas viewing schedule really isn’t complete without a Hallmark special. And when it’s the sugary romantic comedy about a Prince in love with a common girl, we are already sold! Made for TV movie, “A Royal Romance” is available on Netflix starting December1st. 

Last Chance to watch – As Netflix ritual goes, some great movies are also leaving the streaming site’s list. Here are the best of what will be leaving this month! 

  • Silence of the Lambs
  • My Best Friend's Wedding
  • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
  • Batman Begins
  • Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends 


MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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