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This Is How Technology Has Influenced the Way Millenials Travel

This Is How Technology Has Influenced the Way Millenials Travel

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    Feb 03, 2017   Author : admin

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Anyone who has travelled in the last few years has probably taken advantage of some of the most incredible modern technology that they may very well have taken for granted. It wasn’t so long ago that travelling far from home would mean taking a paper travel guide book and map, a Walkman or portable radio, an alarm clock and a bulky camera in your luggage. If you wanted to get in touch with the folks back home then it was a question of trying to find a phone booth or – gasp! – sending a postcard.

The internet boom has been fantastic for travellers. At first, this meant that looking for an internet café and using a painfully slow connection to look for hotels or to type of out an email or two while away. This started to slowly give us a new way of booking flights and checking out hotels. This was an improvement on the past and now we can quickly organise every aspect of any trip online if we want to. Add to this the likes of biometric facial recognition in airports, stick PCs, in-flight Wi-Fi, Skype, smart watches and high quality earbuds to see how different types of technology are helping us to travel more comfortably these days.

The Smartphone Arrival and the Best Travel Apps

One of the other biggest changes for travellers is that by taking a smartphone away you now have a huge number of communication and entertainment tools in one place. While you are on the road there are some terrific mobile apps that you can use to get the best possible trip.


This is a great journey planner that is now available to use in just over 30 major cities around the world. You can find out how to best get around by walking, by cycling, by public transport or by Uber.  The easy interface means that you never need to get lost in a strange city again. It is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

XE Currency 

Does trying to work out currency conversion rates in your head make your foreign trips that bit more complicated? The good news is that the XE Currency app makes it really easy to work out the cost of lunch, some souvenirs to take home or anything else you want to fully understand the cost of. It works with every currency in the world and is free for all mobile devices.


If you normally hate sitting around in airport departure areas then LoungeBuddy could come to the rescue. This is a handy app that can be downloaded for free by Android and Apple users. Very simply, it lets you find airport lounges that you might be able to use for free or for a fee. It works in over 500 airports over the planet and might just get you a more comfortable place to wait for your flight. 


This beautifully presented app gives you an interactive, digital journal of your trips. A red line is marked on the map to show where you have gone, while you can add pictures and videos to it as you go. You then end up with a pretty comprehensive travel diary that you can share online. It is free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.  


If the language barrier is likely to be a problem on your next trip then you could do some studying with Duolingo. This is a fun language app that has proved to be wildly popular. You aren’t going to be completely fluent after using it but it could help you to understand the basics. Duolingo is free for Android and iOS. If you prefer to translate as you go then the Google Translate app will help you out immensely.

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