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Miranda Kerr's 15-Minute Workout and Diet

Miranda Kerr's 15-Minute Workout and Diet

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    Aug 09, 2015   Author : admin

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Looking at Miranda Kerr’s photos, it seems that her perfect figure is a result of hours spent in a gym. In fact, it is much simpler than that. Sometimes, being pressed for time, Miranda exercises for only 15 minutes. That would be quite enough if you approach the matter with rational thinking. The model shared her ideas in the blog on the website of her own Kora Organics brand and posted the full list of exercises, each lasting for a minute.

1st minute: push ups

2nd minute: planks (or 2x30 second holds for beginners)

3rd minute: squats

4th minute: jumping jacks (cardio workout)

5th minute: left leg raises

6th minute: bicycle crunches 

7th minute: right leg raises

8th minute: bridge (hold for 30 seconds, then pulse for 30 seconds)

9th minute: jumping jacks

10th minute: alternating lunges

11th minute: wall sit (imagine you’re sitting in a chair with your legs at a right angle and your back flat against a wall)

12th minute: mountain climbers (take push-up position and bring alternative knees up to the chest)

13th minute: jumping jacks

Besides, before each workout Miranda always stretches for a minute and rests for 10 seconds in between exercises. What’s particularly good about this workout is that it doesn’t require any equipment, so one can easily do it at home.

Miranda Kerr’s Daily Diet


There is a very wide choice: oatmeal, eggs, vegetables, cottage cheese, fruit, granola and yogurt. A substantial breakfast rich in carbohydrates is a must for everyone, especially for models, since they often spend the whole day at castings.


The best option would be chicken or fish, salad and some fruit.


Black rice, chicken, fish, turkey and some vegetables.


It’s a weakness of every girl. Twice a week you can eat a little bit of dark chocolate or an ice cream to make sure you won’t slip up and start eating sweets every day.


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