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Make Your Home Come to Life this Christmas with These Decorating Hacks

Make Your Home Come to Life this Christmas with These Decorating Hacks

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    Dec 24, 2015   Author : admin

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One of the many things we all look forward to doing this Christmas season is decorating our homes. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your home come to life with the use of lights, garlands and other Christmas decors, right? But decorating our homes for Christmas can be quite expensive and a tad bit complicated. In this regard, we've come up with simple and affordable hacks to help you with the decorating process:

Use your scarves as door and wall wreaths.

This do-it-yourself wreath project is possibly the easiest hack there is. Simply wrap your choice of scarf around a wire wreath form, and viola! You've got a spankin' new wreath to hang at home. Make sure to fasten the scarf wreaths with bobby pins to ensure it doesn't loosen up.

Turn your tomato cages into Christmas trees.

If you fail to get a tree this year, do not despair. You only need tomato cages in any size you wish. Wrap pine garland around the cages, string in lights then add a bow on top! This makeshift Christmas tree is also perfect for outdoors.

Got a spray paint? Use it to jazz up your Christmas lights.

We all love the green cords of Christmas lights as it blends well with the color of our Christmas tree. However, green is not a good color when you place the lights in a different part of your home. If you wish to make the lights blend in your walls or other decors, you just have to simply have them spray painted with any color of your choice.

Don't string decorating lights at the back of your Christmas tree.

If you have limited Christmas lights and your Christmas tree is placed in a corner of your home, then you are in luck! You certainly do not need to buy more lights. All that you have to do is to avoid wrapping the entire tree with lights. You just simply have to hang the lights from the left to the right in the tree’s front side. 

Make use of your bathroom-approved toilet paper and roll it up as an ornament.

Well, what do you know? Even toiletries can be used for aesthetic cases such as during Christmas time. It's probably a school activity done by grade school children, so go ahead and have fun while you're at it. Recycle your old toilet paper rolls, cut them into shapes and hang them up for a stylish garb.

With these hacks, you can be able to add a touch of Christmas to your home without the complicated process and expensive decors. 


Image: | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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