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Losing Weight with Positive Attitude is Easy!

Losing Weight with Positive Attitude is Easy!

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    Oct 12, 2015   Author : admin

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It often happens that people who have decided to lose weight lose all their optimism and motivation to do it due to the depression that comes along with diets. My Yellow Canary is going to tell you how to lose weight with positive attitude!

Losing weight puts stress on not only the entire body, but also the mind. First of all, during the process of losing weight, a person has to exclude lots of products that have comprised his everyday diet for years. Second of all, a person who is losing weight has to get used to physical activity. Third of all, he or she needs tons of patience to wait for the results. 

It is particularly difficult when you are having a hard time sticking to the plan and the result is not visible yet. In such moments, many people give up the idea to lose weight. Others simply descend into a depression and try to ‘cheer themselves up’ by eating lots of cheat foods such as sweets and even drink loads of alcohol… Obviously, it slows down the process and postpones the results. If you want to lose weight with positive attitude and protect yourself from depression, follow a few rules.

Don’t step on scales every day

People who lose weight weigh themselves way too often. It’s a bad habit as your body loses weight not gradually. Particularly when you have excluded ‘bad food’ from your diet and are not following any strict diets. 

Step on the scales no more than 2 times per week. It will help you guide the process and at the same time, you won’t get upset seeing that you haven’t lost a single gram in a day.


To make the process of losing weight more positive, talk to the people that lose weight too. That way you can share your experiences and feel more confident after discussing the things you have to go through. And in today’s world it is easy to find such a group of people on social media websites. You can express your fears and share your feelings as well as see other people’s results, which will definitely motivate you. And in the moments when you feel down in the dumps, you can get a real support from those who have already gotten through it.

As you can see, losing weight should not be associated with ‘depression’. It depends only on you how the process will go. Willpower, drive, and positive attitude are the three keys to success when losing weight. So embrace it all!


Image: | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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