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London's Best Sandwich Eateries For A Delicious Treat

London's Best Sandwich Eateries For A Delicious Treat

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Satifsy your lunch time hunger pangs this weekend! Grabbing a tasty sandwich is one of the simplest ways of getting a light lunch on a busy day or a filling snack on the move. So where are the best places in London to get your next sandwich? The variety of options in the city makes it something close to sandwich heaven.


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This restaurant can be found on Windmill Street, close to Goodge Street Tube station. This place specialises in delicious breaded meat and chicken schnitzels, so don't be surprised to find that their sandwiches and buns feature tasty schnitzels in them. They often offer tempting sale prices as well on their sandwiches.


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Mishkin's on Catherine Street is described as a kind of Jewish deli. Among their tasty sandwiches is the Reuben on Rye. This involves heaps of pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on Rye bread. The Brick Lane Salt Beef effort is another cracking sandwich worth giving a try when you are hungry and in this part of London.

banh mi 11

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One of the best things about buying a sandwich in London is that the range of choices is so incredible. When you want something other than a couple of slices of bread with some cheese or meat in them then you have a lot of great choices. One of the most interesting examples of this is banh mi 11, on Great Eastern Road. Here, you can get the likes of a catfish bánh mí, which is a kind of fish filled Vietnamese baguette, or an Op-La-Di steak bánh mí. If you want to try something different and exotic for lunch then this is a fine choice. 

Fernandez & Wells

If you prefer a Spanish twist to your sandwich then Fernandez & Wells on Lexington Street is a classy choice. You can get a bocadillo of tomatoes and Iberico ham here, although they are only made to order. The ham is incredible and the stone baked baguette is ideal. 


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