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Lily-Rose Depp and Her Fashion Moments

Lily-Rose Depp and Her Fashion Moments

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    Aug 29, 2016   Author : admin

It’s as if the stylish life has come like a breeze for Lily-Rose Depp. Born to actor Johnny Depp and actress-model Vanessa Paradis, this young lady has proven to be one of the darlings in the Tinseltown. Anyone can say that having famed parents is a sure ticket to secure a spot to popularity. For all that, take this girl differently. Take a peek at her Instagram account and you’ll get a glimpse of a normal-looking cool teenager having the time of her life. Friends, places, parties, clothes, food, humor- all those are on her feed! But then, she has unmistakably hit the spotlight. And the world has been catching sight of Lily-Rose in public with her equally amazing folks. She has also starred in a music video and Yoga Hosers, a comedic horror film with Harley Quinn Smith. 

At the moment, she is building her own name. Mind you, this isn’t just about riding the high of her Mom or Dad’s credentials. Lily-Rose’s recent leap to modeling is given the thumbs-up by fashion authorities. Besides, she has “it” to make it to that side of stardom. No one can deny that she’s got that style, a reason enough to seal her status as a big deal in the fashion world. As evidenced by her fresh success, we have this to say of Lily-Rose Depp: The future is wide open. 

1) When Karl Lagerfeld expressed that Ms. Depp is stunning with star quality, we knew that would be an indelible impression approbated by a fashion czar. 

2) An extra nod from Chanel means no-nonsense. Just so you know, Lily-Rose is an ambassador of the high-end brand.

3) Even on print, the stylish babe of Johnny and Vanessa is able to show off her striking right now style. Go, nobble a copy of The Love Magazine’s February issue. To see is to believe!

4) It’s okay to think that this budding muse is expected to be steps ahead of the next big things in fashion. But, consider that her casual street style turn heads, too.

There’s no stopping for Lily-Rose in grabbing the chance to take the center stage for long. Whether it’s a roughed-up style or upmarket fashion, this new favorite can certainly rock it!

Images: | MYC Writer: Maebelle Del Rosario

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