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Layage: The Hottest New Hair Colour Trend of 2016

Layage: The Hottest New Hair Colour Trend of 2016

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    Mar 16, 2016   Author : admin

Hair trends just seem to outshine each other as the day goes by, and we're certainly in for a big treat this 2016. First, a swarm of celebrities, bloggers and YouTubers have turned to the "strobing" technique to give their hair an understated shimmer it needs. Now, one of the most requested hair colouring technique amongst salons have been all about "layage", a fluid hair painting method used to achieve natural-looking highlights. Now don't confuse this with "balayage", a free-hand hair colouring technique used to achieve the same desirable effect, too. If you've seen the likes of Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr, then you'll know that layage is this year's coveted hair trend.

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What's the difference between balayage vs layage?

The only difference is that layage is a more controlled version of balayage, giving your natural colour a little life by blending complimentary hues cohesively. Since the colourist has maximum control over how the dye is applied, the effect gives off a beautiful gradient finish. Balayage, on the other hand, is designed to replicate what the sun has done to the hair naturally with the use of hands when colouring.

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So how do you do the layage technique?

Rather than sitting upright in a chair, the client is laid back so that the hair can be laid out on a flat surface (hence the name) and separated clearly according to your desired effect. After the hair has been divided into sections, the strands are then painted with colour using a delicate brush. According to a hair expert, "It allows the hair colourist to be more precise and to achieve a natural gradient colour, which can be used for ombre or natural subtle highlights."

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Whether you're into layage or balayage, this latest hair trend will suit anyone with any hair type; that's all that matters, right?

Image: | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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