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Jump Into the K-Drama Bandwagon with These South Korean Soap Operas

Jump Into the K-Drama Bandwagon with These South Korean Soap Operas

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    Jan 11, 2016   Author : admin


Korean TV series have been skyrocketing in popularity for the past few years and chances are you have already heard about them. As bizarre as it may seem, their craze has reached far and beyond, covering most of the world and is spreading faster than lightening. Also, thanks to streaming sites like Viki and Dramafever, viewing them with subtitles is also a piece of cake now. 

It seems like everybody knows someone or someone who knows someone who has been stung by the K-drama bug. The community of watchers is fast growing with the most loyal fan-base that vouches for their addictiveness and once you are into it- it’s hard to get out! 

So what are K-dramas, you ask? Well, they are kind of a one-season TV series, full of addictive storylines and often the cutest romances. If you are planning to start out and test the waters before getting right into it, we have some recommendations for you that will help you make up your mind. 

But let us warn you, there might be some serious addiction right ahead! 

Boys Over Flowers 

Ok, this might have been THE drama that had first sparked the Hallyu wave and made a star out of the lead actor Lee Min Ho. It’s a quirky high school drama about a girl who joins an elite school and catches the fancy of a super-rich heir of a large conglomerate, but has a crush on his best friend. 

My Girl

 A classic romantic-comedy where cheerful girl Joo Yoo Rin, who doesn’t mind lying to get her way around things, meets rich guy Seol Gong Chan and ends up posing as his cousin. Yes, it sounds crazy, but wait till you get on this wild ride of a laughathon. 

Coffee Prince

This drama is poignant and full of undeniable chemistry. A tale of mistaken identities (or gender in this case) at the back drop of a coffee shop is indeed a cult favorite among many drama lovers. 

You’re Beautiful 

 The classic gender-bender. Girl poses as her twin brother and becomes a part of the most popular boy band in the country only to have each of them fall in love with her! This one has been so popular it has been re-made countless of times in different countries. 

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Mature and sensational, this drama tends to defy all the drama clichés but still manages to pack in a lot of heart. The story follows a chubby patisserie approaching her 30s and her quest to find love!  


MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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