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Iran vows to start war after sanctions, Syrian rebels ordered to leave Aleppo

Iran vows to start war after sanctions, Syrian rebels ordered to leave Aleppo

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    Dec 15, 2016   Author : admin


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered his scientists to start developing nuclear-powered ships. The news comes after the Iran’s President accused the U.S. of violating the Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by the outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama last year.

Last month, the U.S. Congress adopted measures that allow Washington to re-impose sanctions on Iran. The Iran nuclear deal, negotiated last year, halted Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting international sanctions against Tehran.

Although Obama says the new laws won’t affect the nuclear accord, the Iranian President called it a violation of the deal. In a statement, Rouhani slammed the new measures and requested his officials to start working on “planning the design and production of nuclear fuel and reactors for maritime transport.”

Rouhani also vowed to make a legal complaint to the committee that oversees the nuclear accord. During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to redo the Iran nuclear deal and criticized the Obama administration for it.

Iranian Defense Minister recently threatened that if Trump, who referred to the nuclear accord as “disastrous,” meddles with the nuclear deal, Iran would unleash World War 3.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Iran is prepared to start a war if the U.S. President-elect decides to redo the deal.

In 2012, Iran declared it was working on developing its first nuclear-powered submarine.

In other news, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations has said that a deal has been agreed for Syrian rebels to leave enclaves in eastern Aleppo.

Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin said the rebel fighters should leave enclaves they still hold in eastern Aleppo. However, it’s yet unknown how the deal might affect civilians, thousands of whom are trapped there

The Syrian government recently launched a powerful offensive backed by Russian airstrikes, which has significantly weakened the rebels’ positions in the city.

The UN said it had reliable evidence at least 82 civilians were killed when the pro-government forces entered Aleppo on Monday.

Vitaly Churkin also added that civilians were not included in the deal for rebel fighters to leave Aleppo.

“The civilians, they can stay, they can go to safe places, they can take advantage of the humanitarian arrangements that are on the ground. Nobody is going to harm the civilians,” Churkin said.

Officials that negotiated the deal said the evacuations might begin as early as Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

However, Syrian military officials told Reuters on Tuesday they had no information about the deal. 


MYC Bulletin Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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