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Interesting Things About the Film RINGS That You Never Knew

Interesting Things About the Film RINGS That You Never Knew

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    Feb 03, 2017   Author : admin


Get ready to be haunted by some creepy nightmares once again, as the creepiest franchise in film history is returning to screens.

Rings is back! And someone had the brilliant idea of changing the darn cursed VHS tape into a viral video because we are nowhere safe from Samara’s clutches! (and, hello, it’s 2017!)

Like, seriously? We spent all of the past years recovering from the aftermath of the first film - eyeing every goddamn VHS tape with suspicion - and now the makers are yet again trying to destroy us with a rogue viral file! Sure, that doesn’t mean we are gonna miss any of the fun - because these movies are seriously good no matter how scared they leave us.

But how well do we know the Ring or the franchise? We all know about the Japanese original, but here are some fun and interesting updates and facts that are quite unknown about the Rings.

There’s a fresh new team behind the latest film

Neither Naomi Watts nor director Gore Verbinski will be returning for the latest installment. The director’s responsibilities will now be handled by F. Javier Gutierrez, while the cast will include Matilda Lutz. The events of the film takes place 13 years after the last one. We will also be missing the original Samara and Aiden.

The Actress who played Samara is now all grown up and totally gorgeous

Speaking of the kids from the first movie - Samara is all grown up in real life, definitely not scary at all, and with an amazing sense of humor. Daveigh Chase now lives in LA and totally considered going as “Slutty Samara” to Halloween this one time according to her Instagram. How cool is that?

Aiden on the other hand went on to become a genius acad

David Dorfman, who played Aiden, on the other hand, went on to graduate from UCLA as valedictorian and was admitted to Harvard Law College at 18! Totally a genius that we never imagined him as. The young actor now steers clear of social media and has called it quits on his acting career.

The original Japanese movie Ringu was 50% different than the films

A lot of characters, side plots, and references were taken out of the original film in the franchise. However the basic plot was almost the same.

Rings is a manga series in Japan

The rings was adapted as a manga from the original books in the 90s.

Hidden Easter Eggs we missed

If you look closely there are several rings Easter eggs present throughout the movies. There are rings designs appearing in different scenes, on the TV screen, on the doctor’s sweater etc.

The creative PR programme literally grabbed eyeballs (and gave heart attacks)

The out of the box PR for the film included a prank that was played on shoppers at a TV store. Of course, it’s the same PR team from the epic Carrie stunt previously.


Images: Paramount Pictures   || MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta



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