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How to Maximize a Tiny Kitchen

How to Maximize a Tiny Kitchen

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Not all of us are really equipped with a kitchen large enough to move around in while we prepare delicious meals for our family: some of us can only have enough space. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ways around it—space is still something we can get creative with. Here are some tips on how one can expand a kitchen and utilize every inch of it, no matter how small.

Utilize wall space

If you run out of floor and counter, use wall space. There’s a lot that it can be repurposed for. Mount racks on the walls for things like knives or other cooking utensils; similarly, you can mount shelves and stack plates, bowls, and what have you in there. The shelves—aside from the cupboards, of course—are a great storage place for things that should be out of children’s reach.  You can also have a fold-down table constructed if the wall space allows it. 

Make use of corners

In a small kitchen, you have to conquer every space you can use. A lazy Susan can actually be a smart solution for corners, and so are good old drawers. Rolling shelves built inside cabinets can be a great way to maximize corner cabinets as well. If you’re on a lower budget, even just hooks planted inside the corner space can be great to hang pans and other cooking utensils on to.

…and slivers of space

A narrow cart or shelf for storing food or a narrow drawer for storing tiny things like spices will convert that empty sliver of space into extra storage.

Think in layers

Got shelves? Get more of them. You can use prop up shelves and shove them into shelves for more layers—and thus, more storage space. Similarly, you can have built-in layers for kitchen appliances. Microwaves can be repurposed as hood vents when placed above stoves—but take note that if children in your house use the microwave a lot, this layout would not be very convenient for them.

Paint it bright

Colors can actually do something to maximizing kitchen space, in a way that bright neutral colors make the whole place look easy on the eyes. White especially makes it look uncluttered and more open—it’s especially recommended for the countertop. Contrasting it with dark hues for your color scheme will add interest.

Arrange furniture and appliances efficiently

This is an obvious one, but in a small kitchen, efficiency and optimization is key. Arrange your furniture and appliances in such a way that the layout will be convenient for what you and your family reach out for and use the most. One example is strategically positioning the dishwasher between the sink and the table, so that you can speed through clean-ups. Reordering your furniture and appliances efficiently in a small kitchen will make going through cooking and cleaning up will be easier.


MYC Contributor: Abby Caranto

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