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How to Make Your Home Summer Ready

How to Make Your Home Summer Ready

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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You’ve been summer ready even before the hot season started but have you ever thought if your home is summer ready as well? Picturing the scorching heat of the sun burning at the back of your skin, you know that you need to change gears and switch on to summer mode to make your house ready for the warm weather. Here are some of the useful tips you might consider to make your home summer ready in no time:

1) Decorate the patio with outdoor furnitures and flowerpots. It’s time to get moving and what better way to do this than decorating the patio? Keep everything colorful this summer by changing the covers of your outdoor furniture sets. Best colors to try are green, red, and blue. Another way to make your home look summer ready is by placing flowerpots on your patio! Make things bolder by using colorful flowers such as asters, coreopsis, dahlias, alliums and begonias to name a few.

2) Get professional tuning up service for your airconditioning (A/C) units. It’s best to have your air conditioners checked by a professional even before the summer starts. The last thing you want to happen is for your Air con to break down once the temperature hits the highest. Hire a professional who can check any possible damage or leaks as he can remedy the situation. For those who needs their Air con units replaced, do it before the hot weather strikes as Aircon repair experts might be busy once the summer season begins.

3) Spend time dining outside rather than inside. Why not make the most of your summer vacation by spending time dining outside and fall in love with the scenery? Dining inside might quite be physically taxing for it is warmer as compared to the outside so this will be a perfect excuse to dine and spend quality time outside with your hubby and kids!

4) Try summer outdoor food such as BBQ by using the grill and skipping the oven. Using the oven inside your home only creates heat and makes it a bit crucial to cool down particularly on hot summer days. Instead, it’s best to start using the bbq once again! Why not schedule some relaxing bbq night with your friends coupled with a few beers in between? Also, don’t forget to add your summer cold drinks to cool down and be rehydrated! Now is also the time to serve your own salad recipes and let your body benefit from fruits and veggies especially this summertime season!

5) Add plants and flowers inside your home. Don’t forget to turn to nature especially during the hot summer days! Add flowers in oversized vases as it makes your home pretty and it adds a homey feel to it. Feature houseplants not only for decoration purposes as they also serve in increasing the oxygen levels, decreasing weariness and removing toxins from the summer air. Some of the favorite air-cleaning houseplants are English ivy, snake plants and spider plants.

6) Take extra care of your plants and pets this week. We all know that summer can be unbearable sometimes so don’t ever forget to water your plants and feed and give water to your pets as they are also experiencing the scorching heat.

7) Let the sun in. Fill up your home with nothing but fresh air by opening your windows and doors. Don’t forget to use clean screens all the time as they act as protectors against tiny insects, flies and wasps from entering your home.

8) Make room for your summer clothes. Ditch your heavy coats, sweaters and boots and make room for your summer outfits by cleaning up your closet. Don’t let your boring winter wear occupy too much space as you will be needing plenty of space for your flirty summer dresses, bikinis, flip flops and glitzy sandals. Pack your winter clothes in transparent boxes so it will be easier for you to search for them come winter time. Don’t also forget to use the vacuum while cleaning your wardrobe as it suck up unwanted dust and dirt.

9) Install an adjustable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is highly encouraged to be installed in your homes during the summer as it has several benefits such as lowering energy consumption, providing comfort and allowing you to save big!

10) Take care of your lawn and garden. Now that the freezing winter season is over, it’s time to put that powerful lawn mower to good use! Maintain your well-manicured lawns and lush garden by watering them almost on a daily basis. You’ll certainly enjoy the relaxing days spent at your garden and you’ll surely be rewarded with colorful flower scenery.

11) Check on your sprinklers. During the summertime season, it’s highly advisable to check and adjust your sprinklers and watering time. Let your grass grow taller by helping them absorb moisture with the help of your handy sprinklers. Also, make sure that your sprinklers are not suffering from any leaks so that water won’t get wasted spilling on your driveway, sidewalks and walls.


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MYC Contributor Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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