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How To Lose Your Extra Flab and Be Extra Fab After Holiday Food Indulgence

How To Lose Your Extra Flab and Be Extra Fab After Holiday Food Indulgence

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    Dec 30, 2015   Author : admin

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Everyone’s guilty of overeating during the holiday season and this is not a bad thing since we are all entitled to eat to our heart’s content. As Christmas has come and gone, it only means one thing: gaining a tad bit of weight due to the food festivals you attended. The holiday season is all about getting merry and being joyful so don’t ever be guilt-stricken if you’ve consumed more meat than you ever had before or if you drank an extra beer or two since you can still lose those extra pounds by these simple tips:

Drink plenty of water and clean your diet

You think you’re hungry two hours after your meal? Drink water. You think you need that midnight snack since your stomach is churning? Drink water again. Yes, you read that one right. Most of the time, we mistake the fact of being thirsty to being hungry so the next time you feel like you have an empty stomach, drink plenty of water. One benefit of taking water is the fact that it contains no calories so you can drink as much as you want.

Go on a 3-day detox juice diet

After your holiday food indulgence, it’s time to give your stomach a rest when it comes to hard and solid food. Consider going on a 3-day detox juice diet as it gives your body the much needed respite from the digestion it did for years, day in and day out. Juices are easily absorbed by the body thus it requires less effort on the part of the stomach’s grueling process of breaking down and digesting solid food. The three-day cleanse also flushes out unwanted toxins from our body thus it helps you to get rid of a bloated tummy.

Give Yourself a Break from Liquors

If you want to lose those extra flabs you’ve earned during the holiday season, be prepared to cut down on your alcohol consumption for the coming month. Alcohol is a source of calories so make sure to cross this out from your diet for a while. Remember if you terribly want to lose weight after the holidays, stick with nothing but water.

Avoid Taking Sodas and Other Carbonated Drinks

If only you knew how much sugar is contained in each bottle or can of soda you take, you’ll definitely have second thoughts in consuming one. claims that a 12-ounce of a regular Coke in can contains an almost 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar, which really do damage to your health since sugar is a number one source of empty calories. Large quantities of sugar are not broken down as they are turned into fat in the liver. 

Go Out and Do Cardio Exercises

Jogging, running and biking are cardio exercises that help you burn calories so make it a point to incorporate these physical activities into your daily lifestyle. A 30-45 minute jog/run can help you trim down the excess fat so learn how to move a little.


Image: ImCharmingYou | MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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