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How to Lose Weight Without Losing The Breasts

How to Lose Weight Without Losing The Breasts

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    Aug 06, 2015   Author : admin

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All women know what body part loses weight first of all. And that’s not your stomach and hips, but breasts. Even the first week of dieting is likely to lead you to the cup size loss, however your jeans would be still perfectly fitting. How can we fight against this injustice? 

The female breast is mostly made up of adipose tissue (90%). It protects the breasts from injuries and temperature changes and serves as a nutritional reserve during the breast-feeding period in case a woman doesn’t consume enough calories. 

According to Tim Hart, Personal Trainer at Reebok Sports Club London, “improve posture by stretching tight chest muscles and strengthen weak upper back muscles. Additionally, classes like yoga and Pilates can help.”

If you’re determined to lose weight, but still want to preserve your breast size, here are some important rules to remember:

  1. Forget about strict diets and fasting days. They harm the elasticity of connective tissues. Make proper nutrition your choice, avoiding starchy foods, sweets and late dinners. Thus, you’ll be losing weight slower, staying healthier, and your breasts will remain beautiful.
  2. Opt for protein foods. They stimulate collagen production, strengthen the muscles and increase the tissues’ elasticity.
  3. Drink protein cocktails. They help in the skin collagen fibers synthesis as well.
  4. Pick up an expensive perfectly fitting sports bra of high quality. It provides additional support to your breasts and helps to maintain the shape. 
  5. If you have 3+ breasts size, you’d better avoid jumping and jogging. Opt for weight training, Yoga, Pilates and stretching instead.

It is believed that training can help increase the breast size. Unfortunately, that’s not true. 

The very breasts do not contain muscles. There are only chest muscles, supporting them. So, even if you lift 200kg bar, the very breasts will remain unchanged and you’ll obtain a manlike figure instead.

There are workouts for toned breasts, strengthening chest muscles. Such exercises are extremely helpful when you want to lose weight and preserve your curves. After all, the top priority is beauty, not the size!


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Written by Polina Tikhonova

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