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How Instagram is influencing our eating habits

How Instagram is influencing our eating habits

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    Aug 17, 2016   Author : admin


Nowadays everything we do, say and think is guided by all of the media that bombard us with information at any time. The biggest deal, at the moment, is about what we eat; many and many people, in fact, are becoming vegetarian or vegan, supporting the idea that not eating meat is the healthiest way of eating. But is that the truth?

To find this out we have compiled a list of Instagram accounts that show us how to eat healthy without having to reduce our diet to a single element. There are so many inspiring people out there who are able to prepare healthy yet delicious dishes. What we only need to bear in our minds is that these Instagrammers are not on diet, but have chosen a healthy lifestyle that (surprisingly!) does not include the good old Starbucks cup of coffee that every good Instagrammer posts every day.

There is an actual hashtag dedicated to all of these creative people who make these delicious dishes and it is #foodporn, under which hashtag you can find hundreds of pictures of colourful delicious dishes.

So, put yourself at ease, get ready to hunger and find something healthy to eat at the end of this article!


A photo posted by BeautyBlends (@beautyblends) on

Sanne van Rooij is a Dutch blogger who has worked for several big publications, including Women’s Health and Glamour. She follows the raw diet and, to share it with her many followers, she posts pictures of everything she eats, arranged in an arty and visually pleasant way. From vegan sweets to banana-chocolate pancakes, she also posts the recipes on her blog “Living the Green Life”.

As all the other bloggers’ feeds, her Instagram feed is a pleasure to the eye; the only con is that it makes you hunger straight away when you scroll it down till the end!


A photo posted by Miranda Hammer Shear MS RD CDN (@thecrunchyradish) on

Miranda Hammer is a registered dietician and founder of the blog “The Crunchy Radish”, where she posts everything she eats on a daily basis. 

From a layout point of view, her blog is a little different from the others because, as you may have noticed, she does not photograph her delicacies on the same surface, but she creates “background compositions” as well. You can see that she puts effort in what she does and her followers appreciate that for sure. She posts pictures of perfectly displayed soups and breakfasts on the go and, on her blog, she also puts all of the recipes and some challenges, to remind people why it is important to eat healthy.

Her followers agreed that it’s like having a dietician in your pocket and they couldn’t be more right about that!


A photo posted by Carina Wolff (@kalememaybe) on

Carina Wolff is not a dietician, she, in fact, was a journalism and psychology student who currently lives in California. She is devoted to following a plant-based diet and she shares the recipes of her dishes on Instagram, from green wraps with white beans to balsamic kale salads with figs, she says that she only uses organic ingredients, which help nourish and strengthen not only your body, but your mind too. 

Her Instagram feed is various and colourful and, even though she does not have as many followers as the other food bloggers yet, they are growing every day and more and more people are beginning to check out her advices regarding a plant-based diet.

Summer is here, so, if you want fresh recipes and tasty dishes, go follow her now!


A photo posted by Be smart. Eat smart. (@besmarteatsmart) on

Be Smart Eat Smart is a blog where many food bloggers are featured and unite to show Instagram people how to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat a variety of foods that ranges from veggie wraps to chocolate brownie desserts. The blog is a sort of community where bloggers can share their recipes and delicious creations and followers can take inspiration to eat a great variety of foods in right proportions.

Not only you will please your eyes with all of this pictures, but you can replicate them by following the recipes under each post or on the blog.

If this wasn’t enough, if you are a food blogger wannabe and think you have talent, why not trying to get them involve you with a featuring on the blog? 


A photo posted by Jeanine (@myroadtogettingfit) on

Jeanine is one of those food blogger wannabes that I was talking about before. She only has a few more than 40 followers but her blog feed looks amazing and has nothing to envy to the other food bloggers’ feeds.  Under each of these colourful dishes she also puts the recipes, from kiwi and strawberry smoothie to healthy, McDonald inspired, chicken wraps. 

In some of her posts she also mentions a diet code, to follow a healthy lifestyle; the #fitgirlscode. Many and many women follow this code of rules to lose weight and live a healthier life and, in one of her posts, Jeanine said that following this code does not mean to stay away from chocolate. YAY!

Images:, Instagram | MYC Writer: Daniella Pisciottano

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