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How Does Excessive Sugar Affect Your Skin?

How Does Excessive Sugar Affect Your Skin?

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    Jul 13, 2016   Author : admin

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With the "Sugar Tax" introduced by George Osborne yesterday, we look at how our daily consumption of sugary sweets, sodas and more will be affected. According to Osborne, "No matter how difficult and how controversial it is, you cannot have a long-term plan for the country unless you have a long-term plan for our children's health care."

Indeed, excessive consumption of sugar not only spoils the body with extra kilos, but it also speeds up the aging process. Scientists have proven that sugar damages the skin collagen, thereby, causing skin discoloration, loss of elasticity and deep wrinkles. 

The main culprit here is glycation. It’s a process when glucose, produced after eating sugar-containing products, binds with proteins, destroying them.

It happens due to the fact that insulin can’t metabolize a big amount of glucose. Naturally, the higher the blood glucose level is, the faster the reaction proceeds. This process breaks down collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for making skin look young and firm.

An interesting thing is that glycation affects young collagen only, turning it into fibers of an old person. So, people over 55 are out of danger.

Besides, high blood glucose kills protective function of the skin, leading to sun allergy. It speeds up aging process as well. 

How to save your skin?

To avoid glycation you should follow some rules: 

Do your best to drink tea, coffee and other drinks without sugar.

You might not even know about that, but a sweetened beverage is a huge source of sugar. During the day, each of us drinks at least 4 cups of tea or coffee, consuming 10-12 teaspoons of sugar. And that’s only tea! Daily norm of sugar for an adult is 8 teaspoons. Yet you should bear in mind that fruit, juices and even some of those products that seem to be sugarless, in fact DO contain sugar. 

If you want to calculate the amount of glucose, which is going to be produced after consuming a product, you can have a look at its glycemic index. 

Tame your sweet tooth

You’re not supposed to quit eating sweets for good. You simply need to tame your sweet tooth. Indulge yourself with some goodies every 2-3 days and sugar won’t kill your youth. 

Take vitamin B complex

It is proven that vitamins B1 and B6 stop protein damage process. So, take this vitamin complex on regular basis. 

Apply cosmetic products with SPF

When the skin is being exposed to the sun, glycation process proceeds faster. That’s why whenever you go out in a warm season, remember to protect you skin, applying cream with sun protection factor. 

It’s important to note that glycation not only speeds up aging process, but also contributes to cellulite formation.

Images: Calories Secrets, MiddleBury, FeelingGreatNaturoPath | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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