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How does a crash diet complicate your life?

How does a crash diet complicate your life?

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    Oct 05, 2016   Author : admin

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We all fall in to the trap of crash diets as we often idolize celebrities and want to get in shape fast. Well, our body isn’t a machine. Be it instant food or completing a task fast; we have a machine for almost everything, but when it comes to losing weight; it isn’t a mechanized process and can’t be done overnight. People do not realize that eating a very small amount of sugar or fried food can give them many calories and make them gain weight very fast but it will take a lot of effort and exercise to burn those extra calories.

Many resort to a crash diet as a quick fix without knowing the consequences. Crash diets make you cut down on calories and deprive the body of essential nutrients. They restrict your diet irrespective of the requirements of your body and help to make you lean within a given timeframe. Most of the times, there is no exercise schedule in the diet plan and this makes it even more dangerous.

How does a crash diet affect you?

If crash diets are followed over a prolonged period of time, they starve you and this can lead to various serious health problems such as dehydration, calcium deficiency, heart palpitations, brain damage, cardiac stress, kidney failure, liver failure, stroke, depression and even death.

Crash dieting makes you skip meals and prescribe certain drugs which are said to be herbal and natural but these can actually make your blood sugar levels dip below the normal in no time. A crash diet might make you look slimmer but they will also make you look tired and malnourished. The effects of a crash diet are very short-lived. You cannot follow it for a long time. Beware of people, advertisements and companies that promise to make you slim in a short span of time. They recommend you a crash diet. 

You must understand that each person is different and has a different metabolism and routine. A generalized diet that offers lesser meals and smaller quantities cannot be suitable for every person alike. Each of us has different requirements and we need to fuel our body after certain intervals to make it work. The downside of following a crash diet is that the moment you stop following it; you gain back all the weight that you had lost. Crash dieting can also lead to some serous eating disorders such as anorexia and/or bulimia. Crash dieting can cost you your life.

What should you do?

If you are overweight, losing weight is essential for your health but you need to do it slowly and wisely. A gradual weight loss schedule is much better and healthier for the body. Keep a track on what you eat but do not starve yourself. Research has shown that if you cut down on foods that are high on fats and sugar and exercise for some time every day, you are more likely to lose weight and you can easily maintain it as well!

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