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How to Deal with Difficult People While You Travel

How to Deal with Difficult People While You Travel

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    Oct 31, 2015   Author : admin

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Traveling opens up your mind and gives you much perspective about life that you tend to get lost in it. It’s fun for most of the time as you get the chance to meet new people, make friends, get to know the ins and outs of a given city, live like a local and most importantly you get to know yourself better. We often hear people say that you will get to know someone better while you travel since both of you are out of each other’s comfort zones and there’s always a grain of truth to this. As you take that 30-hour bus journey from Hanoi to Luang Prabang or as you stay for a few days in a mixed dormitory, chances are you will meet different kinds of people and in that same minute, hour or day, you breathe the same air. So how do you really deal with difficult people while you travel? Read on and find out as we categorized the types of travelers you meet along the way:


The Complainants

This is the most common traveler you might find along the way. You can find this person complaining as he sits on that strenuous 16-hour train ride, as he takes a sip out of his bitter coffee at the cafe in the corner, as he books his plane tickets with a travel agency while everyone patiently waits for their turn. Basically this complaining soul walks every part of this earth so it might not be a surprise to find one but don’t let his grumbling spirit bring you down. 

How to Deal:

If this complaining person is your travel buddy, kindly let him know the very purpose of this trip. So what if you missed that specific bend in the road where you’re supposed to turn? So what if your flight got delayed for a few hours and both of you got stuck waiting inside the airport? Let him know that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that life surprises us in ways we don’t expect. Probably the best way to deal with this person is by showing your positivity in life despite all the negativities that keep pulling you out of your system. He might feel bad but if he can see how optimistic you are given the circumstances you are both in, he would most likely come to his senses. 


The Organized Ones

Admit it or not, you’ve known people who are always so organized when it comes to planning their trips. They will tell you their detailed itinerary they’ve planned for months before finally hitting the road and when something goes out of their way, they begin to worry that they fail to just relish and enjoy the moment. 

How to deal:

Bring them back to their systems! Sometimes a person is just too focused on doing all that is included in his checklist/ itinerary that they feel frustrated whenever something goes out of the way. Remind them how good it feels to do an activity out of spontaneity! That spur-of-the-moment decisions are probably the ones that they might remember in this lifetime, and that taking a detour could be the best thing that could happen to them since the best discoveries always happened to people who weren’t looking for it. If this person happens to be your best friend, bring her out of her bed of roses and take her off the beaten path. So what if you missed that bus ride since you got too drunk at the full moon party? At least both of you are still alive and crawling. Let them see the brighter side of any given situation and give them the best adventure they could ever have and they’ll thank you later on.


The Party-Goer/Booze-seekers

These types of people can be seen at youth hostels/ dormitories! They are definitely fun to be with but if they already act as a nuisance, they tend to be the most difficult people to deal with. I mean what fun could it be when you’re trying to sleep in the middle of the night when this person comes slamming the door, keeps turning on the lights, going through his stuff and throwing everything on the floor? Worst, he keeps hitting the walls. No matter how hard you try, dream land seems to be so far away now well thanks to this troublemaker.

How to deal:

If right at that very moment you wanted to say something, say it! Don’t wait for an hour or two before the situation turns from worse to worst. Talk to this person in a very nice manner even though deep inside you’re cursing him. Let him know that you are already catching some sleep and that if he needs to find something, he can find it the next morning. Really, you can’t expect this person to understand when you add more fuel to the fire. However if things go haywire, it’s time to call the attention of the hostel staff and let them do their job.


The Stoned Ones

These people are probably everywhere especially when you travel through Southeast Asia where weeds and opium are the norms. They are fun to be with since they do crazy things but know when you should stop hanging out with one. Sure it sounds exciting to try the things they are taking especially when you’re out there trying to explore but remember that your safety must always come first. 

How to deal:

The most fun people to hang out with can often times turn to be the most annoying ones in an instant. If you feel it’s no longer healthy for you to spend time with this kind of person, know when to let loose and cut the string. Don’t even try to argue with them while they are up there in seventh heaven for things might get intense. Try talking to them the day after when they have fully recovered and tell them what you are worried most about. At the very least, let them know how you really feel. 


The Make Out/ Sex Expert

There’s something about traveling that sometimes turn people into wild animals looking for the most mind-wracking sex experience of a lifetime! Maybe it’s in the nature of how they do their travels but whether you like it or not, there are thousands of make out experts out there that you might cross paths with.

How to deal:

If this person starts hitting on you, but you aren’t in the mood since he probably is not your type, tell him straight away even if it might break their ego. Sometimes straightforwardness can save you from self-embarrassment and self-humiliation. If he asks you if he could steal a kiss but you don’t really want to, learn how to say NO regardless of the circumstances and if that person starts taking advantage of you, learn how to emphasize that he has already crossed that line.


Image: | MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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