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Here's Why Active Travelers Are More Successful in Life

Here's Why Active Travelers Are More Successful in Life

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    Nov 13, 2016   Author : admin

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All people have their own things that make them hold their heads high: for someone they are family and kids, for others they may be wealth and appreciation of their talents. But whatever heights you aim at, it was proven that reaching the top of real physical mountains help people to reach their symbolical tops in life. Active travellers are said to be more successful. So what makes them such go-getters?

1. Adventurers know how to leave their comfort zones. Every trip is a jump into the unknown world, a total change of the surroundings, meeting new people and cultures, experiments with food and an opportunity to look at yourself from outside. When you get used to all of it, you find it easier to risk in life and, therefore, succeed.

2. They love changes. And changes are inevitable steps to success.

3. They learn to control their emotions. Travels are full of stress: you can be scared, lost, robbed, insulted, insured, and sometimes even arrested. Harsh situations teach us that calmness is the best solutions in troubles.

4. Adventurers are great judges of character! If you have ever dealt with foreigners, you know how diverse and unpredictable people can be. With such a background, they travellers are skilled to guess whether they should have business with somebody or not. Travelling also makes you more tolerant to people.

5. Travelling stretches the limits of your mind. While visiting foreign countries, you see eye-opening things, meet people with incredible stories and study the life as it is. Broad-minded people are more likely to create successful business – they know things no book or the web can tell.

6. They know how to negotiate. Travelling is about arranging, finding points of contact and bargaining. Add to this that in most cases you have to negotiate not understanding your interlocutor’s language.

7. They live in the present moment. It has nothing in touch with disorder or absent of a strategic goal. Actually in trips, you don’t have much time to analyze your past and worry about tomorrow. You just strive to absorb, feel and imprint the moment in your memory.

8. Travelers know how to plan. We know there are daredevils who can start their journey with a tram ticket and finish somewhere in Tibet drinking tea with Buddhist monks. They are a small and lucky handful of people. For the rest of human beings, travelling is a consequence of elaborate groundwork: tickets, visas, routes, flights, hotels, maps, food and so on. In most cases, planning takes more time than the travel itself.

9. They are skilled in saving money. Travel is a great money management exam, and those who pass it build huge companies.

10. They listen to their inner voice. Harsh situations make them listen to intuition: in travels, irrational solutions sometimes work better.

MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshchuk

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