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Here Are Some Awesome Netflix Originals coming in July!

Here Are Some Awesome Netflix Originals coming in July!

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    Jul 07, 2016   Author : admin

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Every month Netflix adds a host of new shows and movies to its already awesome list of selections available for viewing. But, the streaming site also releases a bunch of new Netflix only exclusive originals each month that are the most talked about among watchers. Why do Netflix Originals command such hype? Call it the exclusively or the network’s ability to bring out the best every time. If binge watching is in your summer plan these shows/movies are not to be missed on the network – because there is no other way you can catch up on them. Here are some of the Netflix Originals coming this month that are definitely on out radar! 

Tallulah – Available July 29th

Indie sweetheart Ellen Paige of Juno fame is back in yet another heartwarming family drama. The film has been scripted by Sian Heder who has also penned down the much talked about Netflix series Orange is the New Black. The story about a dissatisfied housewife who hires an unknown babysitter sparking a series of events that leads to forming of unlikely bonds, has already captured people’s attention at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, before making its debut on the streaming site this month. 


Chelsea Season 1 –  Available July 1st

After the success of “Chelsea Does”, Chelsea Handler is back with a Netflix original – this time in a full blown talk show. Scheduled to air three times a week the show brings some honest moments and Chelsea Handler’s trademark humor along with some entertaining moment and some educative ones. It is definitely going to be something we’ve never seen before on mainstream media. It’s as honest as it gets and as Chelsea puts it – “you can say anything, it’s Netflix!”


BoJack Horseman Season 3 - Available July 22nd

Already two seasons old, Bojack Horseman just keeps getting better! The dark Hollywood satire is also surprisingly full of ironical moments about life and depression and the star of the show is its lead horse – a yesteryear sitcom actor who has seen the better days but now just pretty much lives in Hollywood with many things to complain about. 


Marco Polo  Season 2  Available – July 1st

Based in the 13th century, the series explores Marco Polo’s journeys and chronicles in Kublai Khan’s court. A beautifully produced show is must watch for not only history buffs but also the ones looking for a high octane series replete with politics, betrayal and rivalry. Watch out for Benedict Wong’s portrayal of Kublai Khan as the series heads towards major improvements this season. 


Brahman Naman  Available – July 7th

Having created a minor buzz in the indie circuit for its Sundance Film Festival premier, Brahman Naman is a coming of age adult comedy set in the 80s. Full of hilarious moments and satire on the Indian caste system, the film follows a group of quiz-winning geeks on their lustful quest of losing their virginity and is India’s answer to American Pie. 


Stranger Things Available – July 15th

Winona Ryder stars in this creepy sci-fi drama about a single mother who comes face to face with an incredulous and terrifying conspiracy after her son goes missing. This involves crazy mysteries, secret government agencies and supernatural elements that have us totally hooked and the trailer looks awesome too!


Apart from these interesting originals also enjoy fresh seasons of seasoned shows like Fargo and also a reboot for Gilmore Girls that has the world all excited!



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