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Here’s Why You May End Up Single Forever

Here’s Why You May End Up Single Forever

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    Mar 29, 2016   Author : admin

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Why are you still single? If you have heard this question many times over, then you may have been single for a very long time now. To some people, being single is a choice. But, if you are someone who wants to be in a relationship but has not found the right person to love, then maybe it's time to rethink your situation. It's about time you find out why you may end up single forever.

Building emotional walls

Love hurts, and everybody knows that. They say that the only person who can really hurt you is the one you love. Some people who ended up being single all their lives were afraid to fall in love because they did not want the heartache that came with it. People with this kind of fear build emotional walls around themselves, and this makes them aloof and cold to other people's affections toward them. They are also afraid to express or show how they really feel about someone, and because of this, they lose their chance of love.

Falling for the wrong kind of person

Let’s face it. Bad boys and girls are hot! And there are many people who fall for them all the time. There are some who go from one relationship to the other, and wonder why it never seems to work out with any of them. This problem happens when you are more attracted to the wrong kind of people. These are the liars and the cheats who are only out there to play games with your heart. If you did not recognize this pattern you just will end up repeating the cycle of failed relationships and heartache. 

“I’m not good enough” mentality

They say you have to love yourself first before you can make anyone else love you. But if in your mind, you think you are not good enough for anyone to love, then you will never allow anyone to get close enough to see otherwise. A low self-esteem could be hurting your chances to finding love. You may not see it in yourself, but someone out there will appreciate you and like you for who you really are. You How to believe that you are good enough for the right person will love you.

Avoiding competition

Love is just like a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But you will never know your chances unless you play. If you do not like competing for love and you are always the one who sacrifices or gives way whenever you have a rival when it comes to love, then you will always lose. If you really like or love someone, Do not be a martir and go fight for it.

Being afraid of intimacy

Shy about being intimate with someone? Being afraid of intimacy can make you act reserved or cautious when you are around other people. If you are that way, even if someone likes you, he, or she may think twice before they make a move to approach you. People find it easier to approach someone who is not afraid to flirt, touch, or tease. Sexuality is part of our being, and we all long to be intimate with someone. if you did not learn to loosen up and allow this part of you to show, then you will always be pushing people away from you.

Being too picky

Are your standards too high? You may still be single because you are too picky when it comes to the people you go out with. Do not limit yourself because of your concept of the ideal person. Since you are still single, enjoy your freedom and date as many people as you can. By doing this, you will be able to meet a lot of people and get to compare one from the other. Soon enough you will realize what you really want and hopefully, you get to find what you are looking for.

if you really did not want to end up being single forever, you have to be open to change. Love is not something that you design or control. All you need to do is open doors, and give yourself a shot at love. 

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