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Here’s Why Scarlett Johansson’s “Ghost in The Shell” Casting is Causing Controversy

Here’s Why Scarlett Johansson’s “Ghost in The Shell” Casting is Causing Controversy

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    Apr 22, 2016   Author : admin


We seriously love Scarlett Johansson and the diverse roles she plays. Going by her performances as Black Widow and Lucy, there is no doubt whatsoever that she is one of the most successful action heroines in Hollywood right now. So her starring in a live-action adaption of a popular manga as the kickass female protagonist should have been good news to anime fans around the world. However, manga fans that have been keenly looking forward to the Hollywood adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell” seem to be disappointed at the choice and have taken to internet to voice their opinions. 

But, what is unsettling about “Ghost in the Shell” is that it is essentially a Japanese story. The story draws inspiration from the Japanese history and is based on themes that cannot be crossed over to an American context without losing a lot of its meaning. Also, the character of Major is extremely complex and even though Johansson is quite the ace in the action department, there is doubt on her being able to pull off all the nuances. And, of course, we are also sure there are acclaimed Japanese actors who could have been appropriate for the part. This kind of a move by the studios looks a lot like an effort to cash in on star value rather than preserving the interests of the source material and is extremely saddening. 

Like, all this talk about whitewashing Asian characters was not enough, and now the latest Doctor Strange trailers have joined the bandwagon as Tilda Swinton appears in it as an Asian monk. In other news, though, the upcoming adaptation of Disney’s “Mulan” supposedly will have an Asian actor in lead after the studio faced a lot of pressure from fans last year, so all hope’s not lost. Here’s to hoping that the makers will learn something from these episodes. For now, the Scarlett Johansson deal is pretty much sealed so we can do little about it but only wait and watch how the adaptation actually delivers on its release. 

Images: Paramount Pictures, Screenrant | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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