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Grocery Shopping In the City: A Survival Guide

Grocery Shopping In the City: A Survival Guide

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    May 20, 2016   Author : admin

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There are things we do that seemed easy at first, but turned out to be really difficult. Like doing laundry, ironing your clothes and cooking... and doing all these at once. Most of us realized how difficult these things are when we started growing up. 

Just like a game, when you reach a certain level, you acquire new set of skills that will help you in your journey. But you need to go through so many challenges before you get these skills. One skill that is essential to almost everyone is buying groceries. You start doing this when you go to college or when you reach a certain level of independence that required you to take care of yourself.  

This skill is important for every city girl. It seems like difficult, but it shouldn’t be. It requires patience, stamina and A LOT of self-control. Little did some people know that there is a science to this mystery we call grocery shopping. There are steps we can do to help us save our money, energy, time and sanity during grocery shopping. Just follow these tips and you’ll be a grocery pro in no time.

Before you go buying groceries, you need to understand that the key to successful grocery shopping is PROPER PLANNING. You know it’s not a good plan when you list down 6 tubs of Nutella and 2 bottles of wine. Here are the things you need to consider to make a good grocery plan –

BUDGET: Make sure to allocate enough money to buy the stuff that you’ll need. Get a piece of paper and list down the things that you NEED and list the things that you WANT in a separate column. When in the grocery, complete the things that you NEED first. If you have remaining budget, you can look at them later. 

DEMOGRAPHIC: You also need to consider you’re needs based on who you are. A stay at home mother and wife have different needs compared to a student living alone.  So, when you live by yourself don’t buy everything as your Mum. Make sure to note the things that you frequently use. This way, you won’t be tempted to buy unnecessary things and you can focus on the stuff you need without sacrificing your budget.

SCHEDULE: There are days where the grocery is like a heaven on earth. Shelves are full, pleasing music is playing, the air is cold and the aisles are really spacious. But there are days when the grocery has turned into a jungle. Kids *of other people* are running around, the aisles are filled with assertive mothers, your favourite cereal is out of stock and lines are really long.

ITEMS: As we have mentioned above, make a list of the things you’ll be buying, starting from your needs then your wants. Make sure that you’ll be buying stuff that will last until your next grocery run. Also, double check your list to ensure that you have listed everything that you need. You can also consider buying items in bulk, as they are usually cheaper than individual packs that are available.

Now that you are armed with an awesome grocery shopping plan, it’s time to go and conquer the aisles! Oh, the choices! Oh, the endless possibilities! So, what do you choose? Here are a few tips to help you out – 

> Always start with the non- perishables, food items, and then make the produce your last stop. This will ensure that the produce will still be fresh by the time you line up at the counter.

> Always check the expiration dates and seals.


These are just some of the things you can do to make grocery shopping a lot easier. As they say, experience is a great teacher. So, go ahead and ask your mom or your aunt. They will impart you with important knowledge that can save your life and your wallet. Remember, you need to be in control. Just stay positive and have fun! You got this.

Images:, | MYC Writer: Charmaine Pioquinto

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