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Get To Know The Magnificent Star Cast of The Magnificent Seven

Get To Know The Magnificent Star Cast of The Magnificent Seven

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    Sep 28, 2016   Author : admin


It’s the wildest that the wild wild west gets with The Magnificent Seven! The new movie hitting the screens this weekend is our ticket back to wild west and a look back at the 60s classic of the same name. Plus the movie is actually based on an Akira Kurosawa classic - Seven Samurai.

But besides the high octane western action film that it promises to be, the movie has been in talks for its diverse cast. So, we’ve got one of hottest stars in A-list right now, a well known method actor and an Asian superstar all diced in a happy-viewing eclectic cinematic tex-mex experience.

So yes, it’s got action, and gunslinging galore - but most of all a motley crew of star studded cast that we cannot afford to miss. Here’s a look at the seven leading men of The Magnificent Seven!

Denzel Washington 

The first choice for Director Antoine Fuqua to take on the responsibility of the leader of the seven, is none other than the power-packed performer, Denzel Washington. PS: the director-actor duo already have a string of hits in their kitty.

Washington stars as Sam Chisolm, a bounty hunter. 

Chris Pratt 

The most wanted eye candy at the moment since his lovable jerk role in The Jurassic World - Chris Pratt plays a, well, lovable jerk as Josh Farraday, the gambler.

Ethan Hawke 

What can we say about Ethan Hawkes choice of films, except the fact that we totally trust in him. The man just has a way of choosing the most interesting roles. And, we certainly need to see what he has in store as a sharpshooter with a straight-out-of-Disney name like  Goodnight Robicheaux

Vincent D’Onofrio 

There is seriously no way to imagine someone as the Kingpin in a Daredevil, ever since Vinncent D’Onofrio has put his stamp on the iconic antagonist. Fresh off the Netflix series, we now see him her playing a tracker, and we can’t say we are not intrigued.

Lee Byung Hun 

South Korean super star Lee Byung Hun strutting his stuff in cowboy boots as some assassin called Billy Rocks? Yes, please. The actor has appeared in quite a few Hollywood films before and is of course one of the best known names in the land of Hallyu.

Manuel Garcia Rulfo 

Manuel Garcia Rulfo, plays Vascquez, a mexican outlaw in the western film. Though his resume is still pretty brand new, yet that face full of attitude has us interested.

Martin Sensmeier

Finally joining the ranks of this gunslinging team is Native American actor Martin Sensmeier. He plays a Native American warrior called Red Harvest.


 Images by Columbia Pictures   || MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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