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Get Healthy with DietSensor

Get Healthy with DietSensor

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    Feb 08, 2016   Author : admin

Posted in: FITNESS

With all the new diet and fitness trends gaining popularity in 2016, what will really help and motivate you to lose weight now that it's the New Year once again? If you haven't been successful last year, 2016 might just be "the" year for a healthy new you. 

Recently, an impressive device was unveiled that'll help dieters, dietitians, fitness experts and health buffs keep track of their daily calorie, fat and carbohydrate intake. This is made possible by using a DietSensor which is actually a small device that uses a molecular sensor to scan food for all the information you need. This info is then beamed to a mobile phone application and gives you the result you need. Sounds a little exciting, right?

This device, which is about the size of a cigarette lighter [apoogies for the irony!] and weighs just 1.2 ounces, is nothing like your usual calories counter since it is particularly helpful when you are at a restaurant, cafe or bistro. This app and sensor device system will be able to provide you with all the information you need with regards to the food you are about to eat and devour. If you're wondering how this device is able to do what it does, it works by using a beam of light that bounces between the object and a sensor, which will then relay all the molecular information of a certain food you want to know more of.

When launched, there will be a free mobile app available if you want to use the DietSensor when tracking your calorie, fat or carbohydrate intake manually. However, you can also choose to upgrade to the premium option which costs a hefty £170 which lets you use the handheld sensor that scans the molecular makeup of the food for you... and all you have to do is scan! But here's the catch: you will have to pay a monthly service fee, which costs around £13 per month.

In addition to zapping and telling you the information you need, DietSensor will also give you advice on what to eat and why you should eat healthily overall. Nutritionist Zoe Harcombe concludes, "Food labelling can be confusing and some manufacturers try to hide this information as much as they can. This (device) puts it out in the open."

* The DietSensor device and mobile app is set to release in the third quarter of 2016. 


Images: DietSensor | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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