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Gardening Hacks You Should Absolutely Try

Gardening Hacks You Should Absolutely Try

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    Sep 14, 2016   Author : admin

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Gardening is a passion that doesn’t look easy—and really, it isn’t. It’s definitely meditative, but for optimum growth for plants and maximizing garden space, gardening can demand a lot of work and perseverance. But here’s the good bit: gardening, like other hobbies, have shortcuts. Here we compiled a list of gardening hacks you can try to make things quicker, easier and less expensive.

Slightly Steady  has a good round-up of pest-repelling methods right here.

1. Beer gets rid of slugs. Install plastic cups into the soil and fill them with bear. The slugs will smell the beer, crawl inside, and drown themselves there. You can also trap them with salt by sprinkling salt over a sliver of tape (don’t put them on soil, as salt isn’t good for it) and surrounding your plants with this tape salt side-up like a fence.

2. Sprinkling the areas around your plants with coffee grounds also helps repel the pests—coffee is good for the soil, too. The same thing goes with egg shells: just break them up into pieces.

3. Ants don’t like anything strong, like mint, citrus, cloves, or cayenne. You can crush mint leaves and put them around your plants, or sprinkle cayenne around the plants. Another way is to dip cotton balls into citrus oil and lay the cotton balls around your plants—the ants will back off when they smell it!

4. To kill the fungus or mold, sprinkle cinnamon around your plants. The Rusted Garden has a more detailed explanation here.

Get creative with your plant markers! 

5. Collect stones and draw on them with a strong, colored marker or acrylic paint. Broken pots can also be used the same way—just label them with paint. Or, use plastic forks or spoons, label them with your plants’ names, and stick them onto the soil. 

6. You can plant your seedlings on egg shells! Just use the broken halves as pots—you can line them up along a carton for easier arrangement—and transfer them onto soil afterwards. Another idea is to use citrus peels—lemons and oranges will work. The DIYed pots will dissolve into the soil and help nourish plants as they grow.

7. For DIY sprinklers, poke holes on the caps of plastic bottles and fill the bottle up with water—it will sprout just like how you intend it to. 

8. You can also create an irrigation system by installing plastic bottles with holes onto the soil. Fill them up with water, and the water will run through the holes and around your plants.

9. And if you won’t be around for a few days, you can create an automatic watering system with paper towels as illustrated here on Lifehacker.

10. To regulate the water that seeps out of the pots, use coffee filters

MYC Writer: Patricia Caranto

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