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Friday Eye Candy: Up Close And Personal with UK's Most Stylish Men

Friday Eye Candy: Up Close And Personal with UK's Most Stylish Men

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    Nov 14, 2016   Author : admin

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It’s a common knowledge that women and their fancy for clothes are inseparable. The world knows that by now because it has come to light that fashion-forward women, who show off statement-making threads and poses, are raved about. But, the men… Yes, they get our attention, too. We’ve finally chosen to accept that they can also be trendsetters and well dressed.

So you’ve known Lucky Blue Smith from a slew of fashion campaigns under his belt. Besides, with almost 2 million Instagram followers and thousands of Facebook fans, who wouldn’t be aware of this American hottie’s existence?  Looks like style is his way of life. And his over the hill contemporaries?! You know, anyone who can go around with manly fashion sense. Perhaps, big names like George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt pops into your mind. It won’t be a shocker if Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron and Bradley Cooper are also on the list. Oh well, you are not to be blamed for applauding these men for bringing sexy back. 

And hey, UK has also decided on who should be part of the roll call this year. Care to know a few of them?

Calvin Harris

Not only did he capture Taylor Swift’s heart sometime ago but also the fashion council’s! Don’t you think?

Chuka Umunna

Thanks to this guy for bringing that “sartorial flair” in politics. Good job, sir!

Chris Robshaw

Out of the rugby field, this team captain looks dapper in a suit. A champion in style, too!

Nicholas Hoult

When it comes to suave, he’s the beast! Everyone agrees.

Sam Smith

He won’t absolutely let you down in putting on vogue. And it’s cool as his voice.

Olly Alexander

You know who’s bold enough to mix and match. Superb just like his music!

Harry Styles

He’s young, hot and dashing. Harry Styles, you’ve got style! 

Dan Stevens

How can he make dressing up as easy as pie? Here’s one who’s beyond hunky.

Jeremy Irvine 

That charm… who can resist? Not you and me!

Robert Pattinson 

And all the ladies say, “Aye!” This dude has mastered style with appeal.

What a treat, right?! Be on the lookout as these dudes set out greater drawing power in the fashion scene. 


Images: | MYC Writer: Maebelle Del Rosario

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