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Friday Detox Recipe: Aloe Vera Juice

Friday Detox Recipe: Aloe Vera Juice

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    Sep 25, 2015   Author : admin


The amazing properties of the aloe vera plant have been known for a long time. Thec medicinal use of this plant dates back to the First century AD.

There are many ways you can add some Aloe vera to your life and one of the easiest is to drink some of it to get you going.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

There are differing opinions on the benefits of this plant. Some people will tell you that it can clear your skin, make your heart healthier, boost your immune system and even fight cancer. One of the benefits that is most widely accepted is that aloe vera is excellent at helping to clean out your system and helping with your digestion. This makes it a fine detox product for getting you feeling good again. 

Pre-Made Aloe Vera Drinks

If you are going to buy a pre-made drink then be sure to check the actual aloe vera content in it. This can vary widely from one brand to brand. You will also want to make sure that it doesn't contain too many artificial additives.

Making Your Own - Ingredients

It is easy to make your own home-made aloe vera drink. First of all you need an aloe vera plant. Snap or cut off a few leaves. Apart from the leaves you need a cup of water, a cup of citrus juice of any type. A tablespoon of white vinegar is an optional ingredient.     

Makee Your Own – Method

  • Cut off the rind of the leaves and the yellow later below this. This will leave you with only clear gel. One you have about 30ml of aloe vera gel put it straight into a blender.
  • Add the other ingredients and blend it all together.


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