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The Best 5 Yoga Apps Out There for Every Yogi

The Best 5 Yoga Apps Out There for Every Yogi

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    Oct 21, 2016   Author : admin

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The world is developing as well as we are. To keep pace with the progress, we need to keep on top of technologies. In fact, they are all around us, so there is no chance to give a miss. We should take advantage of progress, getting the most out of it. 

Apps for yoga at home will help you to stay in a good shape. All you need is your phone, Internet, 15 minutes of time, and the desire to be healthy and youthful. We have selected 5 free yoga apps for you. They are available on iTunes. 


This app will aid you in maintaining good shape by following the recommendations of pro instructors. Choose out of 40 yoga programs and 300 poses.


Hundred dynamic asanas are at your disposal, so you can decide whether yoga is your cup of tea or not. Calendar, workout schedule and many other useful things are available as in-app purchases. 

NTС (Nike+ Training Club)

NTC is known for its ‘Solar Power’ workout

15-minute ‘Solar Power’ workout from NTC app is a complex of asanas, which is available in Strength, Tone, and Flexibility sections. Photos of all asanas and short videos will guide you through the workouts. An important thing is that each asana has its timeframe.

Simply Yoga free

You are free to choose out of 20, 40 or 60 minute workouts, starting from the very beginning or from a particular pose. The app is perfect for beginners, as it has detailed instructions for the entire routine.


The app is perfect for home use. You can download videos for your workouts, listen to voice instructions and read asanas’ description. There are 58 poses, 2 levels of difficulty and morning / evening routines. 

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