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In Focus: Melinda Gates on International Women's Day 2016

In Focus: Melinda Gates on International Women's Day 2016

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    Nov 25, 2015   Author : admin

Last Tuesday, March 8, the world celebrated the International Women's Day as women continue to contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political achievement in the effort to stop the gender gap which is still prevalent today. Even the World Economic Forum predicted that it would take until 2095 in order to achieve global gender parity, and close the gender gap entirely until 2133. While women (and men alike) are still actively fighting for gender parity to come to its conclusion, we've seen the rise of some women whether in business, politics or entertainment, paving way to accelerating what we all hope for, a #PledgeForParity.

Melina Gates, known for being a philanthropist, is currently on top of the list as a woman whose force is incredibly astounding and respected. Why? Because Melinda is a woman who brings the change to the world. 

The 51-year-old businesswoman, philanthropist and wife to Bill Gates proved her crucial role in global development by giving out $3.9 billion in donations in 2014 alone and spending over $33 billion in grant payments since she and her husband founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation back in 2000. Charities include Children's Vaccine Program, Rotary International and ALS Association, to name a few.

Moreover, this amazing woman’s work has inspired tons of other big donors and has altered the way financial donors perceive philanthropy as a whole. What Melinda brought to philanthropy is the following: precisely targeted campaigns combined with data-driven monitoring and worldwide collaboration.

The result of her philanthropy work? Well, let’s see. At the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, Melinda’s foundation committed to increasing access to contraceptives for 120 million more girls and women by 2020. 

And according to reports published by Family Planning 2020, even today, thanks to Melinda’s work, more girls and women have broader access to contraceptives, while over the past three years alone; there were an additional 24.4 million women who received access to contraceptives.

Let’s do the math: in the past year alone, these women have avoided 80 million unintended pregnancies, 26.8 million unsafe abortions and 111,000 maternal deaths. 

Melina Gates’ work is focused on championing investments in women and girls around the world. “As an effective and strategic leader, she's dedicated to solving the world's toughest problems,” Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and 1992 and 2008 Woman of the Year, said about Melinda Gates.

Ever since Melinda and Bill founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, they have been committed to helping the world. Melinda’s work is focused on challenges like polio, malaria, and domestic education as well as helping women all around the world. 

Melinda holds family planning and women and girls health as one of her top priorities, and that’s exactly why we love her! 

Images: GatesNotes, Youtube, Marked | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova and Additional Input by Elonah Bioneda

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