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Flex Your Muscles with This Year's New Workout Trend: TRX Suspension Training

Flex Your Muscles with This Year's New Workout Trend: TRX Suspension Training

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    Sep 30, 2016   Author : admin

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TRX Suspension Training is becoming the newest trend nowadays when you go to the gym and certain boot camps. A HIIT (high intensity interval training) won’t be complete without incorporating a few TRX exercises to strengthen those muscles of yours. It might seem intimidating to many while others curse in agony as they do it for the first time, but as the lyrics of the song goes: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Before having second thoughts about TRX training, why not try to consider the benefits it can give to your body? Here’s a beginner’s guide to TRX training.

TRX Origin

TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Suspension Training was invented by a former U.S. Navy SEAL commando, Randy Hetrick who served for the US government for 14 straight long years. Wanting to be in tiptop shape after his discharge from the service, Hetrick developed an all-intense training with his own ingenuity by using a jujitsu belt and parachute webbing which is considered to be the very first version of TRX Suspension Training. 

What Is It All About

TRX is a new workout that uses a set of yellow and black straps that you hang from a secure spot.  This is where the fun and torture begins. This workout is not for the faint of hearts but if you have the willpower to do it, then you will definitely benefit from this exercise after months of rigorous training. It focuses and targets the core by using only two challenging resources within your arms reach: gravity, as you hang from the air and your own body weight.

Creating Balance and Maintaining It

All throughout the TRX training session, you have to create and maintain balance. If you ever find your way getting off balance every now and then, all you have to do is to adjust your body position, which then engages your midsection and back while your shoulders and hips lie there to retain control. You might find it very challenging and physically demanding at first but the exhilaration that it gives you while you’re in absolute control of your body is just beyond words to describe.

Intense Core Workout

The core is more than just your abs for it also includes your pelvis, back and chest muscles. Desiring to have those enviable abs but just hate doing traditional crunches at home? Well, TRX is the perfect solution for you can have an intense core workout as you suspend your body in midair. You can tone your abs, improve your core strength and even correct your body posture with TRX. There are several TRX routines such as mountain climbing, hamstring runners, oblique crunches, and abdominal pikes to name a few that you can start with. Advanced and hardcore abdominal movements will be taught  by your trainer once he sees you’re ready for them.

TRX Can Be a Killer Cardio Workout As Well

For others, they are limited into thinking that TRX is just all about core and strength workout but little do they know that it can pass as a killer cardio exercise as well. With a variety of TRX movements that you can try, more particularly the Jump Squat allows you to have a high intensity TRX training with the combination of extreme cardio as you forcefully jump in the air and land with your butt out. 

It is a Whole Body Exercise

An integrated workout, TRX enables you to do several multi-planar exercises and combine strength, cardio, and core exercises into one, cohesive fitness plan. Requiring coordinated efforts from your shoulder, legs, and core, TRX further increases your stabilization and helps you work out specific muscles or muscles groups at one time. 

Perfect for People Who Have Limited Time

People with a hectic work schedule often time it hard to find time for doing exercises that require at least an hour at the gym. With TRX, it is so easy to fit in your daily schedule for it will only take you at the very least 20 minutes to do several TRX workouts. 

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