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Film This Weekend: We Are Your Friends

Film This Weekend: We Are Your Friends

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    Sep 01, 2015   Author : admin


The new music drama We Are Your Friends is directed by Max Joseph and stars Zac Efron. Efron plays Cole, a young DJ who is looking for his big break in the music business. He dreams of becoming a big name in the electronic music and get an older, successful DJ named James (Wes Bentley) as his mentor. Bentley is excellent in his role and the contrast between his comfortable lifestyle and Efron's burning desire to achieve fame without selling out is intriguing. However, things start to go wrong when Cole gets emotionally attached to James's girlfriend Sophie, who is played by Emily Ratajkowski. Other actors taking part in the film include Shiloh Fernandez, Alex Shaffer and Jonny Weston.

The film has received mixed reviews so far. On the whole, the acting on display has impressed critics, as the mainly young actors turn in excellent and convincing performances. Critics for their top-notch acting have singled out Efron and Bentley but really there is no one who let’s the quality drop. The fresh-faced cast are all impressive, with Efron turning in an especially believable performance as the DJ who has to decide how to move his life and his music career in the right direction to fulfil his dreams. Ratajkowski does her job of looking good but never really gets the chance to make her character grow, leaving it to the leading men to provide the personal drama and emotion.

On the downside, the story has been criticised for being too clichéd and obvious in parts. If you have seen any coming of age movie before then you probably know pretty much what to expect from We Are Your Friends. There is definitely the feeling that a more interesting story could have been built around the world of electronic music and the restless young people looking to make it big in this scene.

There are certainly a few good reasons to give this film a try. If you like electronic music and enjoy inspiring stories about people making their way in life then you will find a lot to enjoy in it. 


Image: YouTube | MYC Culture Writer: Robert Bell

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