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Film this Weekend: Ted 2

Film this Weekend: Ted 2

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    Jul 10, 2015   Author : admin


Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are back for more adventures with the teddy bear who was the star of a surprise hit in 2012. The cast also include Amanda Seyfried as a novice lawyer and Jessica Barth as the bear's new wife. There is no Mila Kunis in the cast this time around, though.    

The plot this time is that little Ted gets married to Tami-Lynn but then needs to look for some help in starting a family, as he can't become a father for obvious reasons. You can imagine the scrapes that they get into as they try to find a way to get a sperm donor to make Tami-Lynn pregnant. 

This ends up landing him in a whole lot of problems when it is ruled in court that he is a possession rather than a person. The film feels rather similar to the first one, with lots of foul language from the teddy bear and wacky situations for the buddies to try and wriggle out of.

Reviews have been pretty much mixed so far, with many critics seeing it as being too similar to the original and lacking in originality. Others have said that they really enjoyed it and laughed a lot at the jokes and the filthy language used by the cute bear. 

Those people who enjoyed the first film may find that it a little bit too similar, although you are guaranteed a few laughs out of it. It perhaps lacks some of the cuteness and relatively charming, emotional interludes from the first Ted movie. However, the wacky jokes come thick and fast, with the situation quickly turning bizarre. 

If you are happy watching lots of childish humour and crude jokes then you will enjoy Ted 2. This makes it a decent movie for a fun night out where you aren't too bothered about following a complicated plot or subtle jokes.


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