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Film This Weekend: Regression

Film This Weekend: Regression

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    Oct 09, 2015   Author : admin


Regression is a tense psychological thriller starring Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson and David Dencik, among others.

Hawke plays a detective named Bruce Kenner, who investigates the alleged crimes of John Gray, played by Dencik. Gray admits to sexually abusing his teenage daughter but says that he has no recollection of it happening.

The 17 year old daughter is called Angela and she is played by Emma Watson. The movie was written and directed by Chilean film-maker Alejandro Amenabar, whose biggest success so far was the spine-tingling thriller The Others from 2001. Once it starts, Regression soon leads us into a creepy world of Satanism, with ritual sacrifice, devil worshippers wearing hoods and other dark symbolism all included.

Kenner finds himself drawn into a threatening world in the small Minnesota community where the victim lives, as he questions local residents and wonders how extensive the satanic worship group really is. In the end, he discovers a vast network of devil worshippers spreading across the US.

The main premise of Regression is whether therapy can help criminals to remember their crimes and finally admit to their guilt. In the film, the therapy element is handled by respected psychologist Dr Raines, who is well played by David Thewlis

It is certainly an interesting premise for a film and it makes for some unsettling viewing. To date, the critics have been slightly underwhelmed by the overall presentation, though. For example, the acting is somewhat understated and the story doesn’t race along with the high level of tension and feeling of danger that you might have expected.

Emma Watson does a good job in her first role in this kind of adult-oriented movie, playing her character with a touching sense of vulnerability that seems just right for the role, while Ethan Hawke has divided opinions so far with his under-stated performance.

Regression does give off the vague impression of being a missed opportunity to explore this dark world further. Having said that, it does a decent job in leaving the viewer feeling unsettled and on edge.     

It isn’t the sort of movie that will appeal to everyone but if you like a dark edge to your cinema then Regression is well worth a try.


Images: IMPAAwards, Movieweb | MYC Culture Writer: Robert Bell

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