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Film This Weekend: Pawn Sacrifice

Film This Weekend: Pawn Sacrifice

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    Dec 04, 2015   Author : admin


This weekend’s two big openings at the UK Box Office explore two different eras in time. While Pawn Sacrifice beings in the early 1950s, Victor Frankenstein re-creates a surreal world in the 19th century. Choosing between Tobey McGuire and Daniel Radcliffe seems like a tough deal to crack, so let us help you out a bit! 


A brisk biopic based on the life of American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer stars Tobey McGuire in the lead. The film tackles Fischer’s plight as he ends up challenging the Soviet Empire and gets caught up between the two superpowers amidst the Cold War – all while struggling with his own demons. 

Pawn Sacrifice takes off in the early 1950s where a young Bobby Fischer, fuelled by the love for chess and under the guidance of chess expert Carmine Nigro (Conrad Pla) goes on to become the youngest Grandmaster in history. Soon, we are introduced to the grown up Bobby who is now both extroverted and eccentric, rallying against the Soviet Chess team and world famous chess player Boris Spasky (Liev Schreiber). In his crusade he is backed by lawyer Paul Marshall (Michael Stuhlbarg) and chess master Father William ‘Bill’ Lombardy (Peter Sarsgaard), who however, realize that in order to beat Spasky it is his his own paranoia that Bobby needs to tackle first. 

Director Edward Zwick, of The Last Samurai and Glory fame, brings to life a brilliant world of chess on screen and fills the air with tense moments both in the game and as a peek into Fischer’s mind. With a well-crafted script, sophisticatedly composed scenes and top-notch performances by the actors, Pawn Sacrifice makes for a cinematic ride worth taking! 

Overall, this weekend seems to be peppered by period films, taking us to different points in time with Victor Frankestein the other release this weekend. So, strap up your seatbelts, get ready for the time traveling experience at the cinema, and take your pick wisely! 

Images: Screenrant | MYC Entertainment Writer: Soma Dutta

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