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Film this Weekend: Minions 2015

Film this Weekend: Minions 2015

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    Jun 26, 2015   Author : admin

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When Despicable Me became such a hit back in 2010, everyone wanted for the part two right away. The sequel was then launched back in 2013, which was also a huge success for the animated movie franchise. But when the public was informed that there was going to be a movie about Gru’s “Minions”, the focus shifted and we were all reeling for the comeback of his ultimate sidekicks: Kevin, Stuart and Bob.

But with the absence of the movie’s supervillain, we were all left with one question: "Is it going to be any better without Gru in it?" While Despicable Me focused on Gru's transition from being a bad guy to a loving "father" to his 3 adopted children, the spin-off film highlights the journey of his little Minions in finding their one true “supervillain” -- before there was even Gru. Now it’s exciting to see what they all have gone through, with the lead of Kevin, Stuart and Bob. From accidentally flaming up a Dinosaur, massacred an Egyptian empire, waging war with Napoleon and his comrades to an epic-fail celebration of Dracula’s 357th birthday --  none of them were lucky enough to be their supervillain. Until they meet Scarlet.

It’s a bonus that Sandra Bullock voices the sultry, femme fatal character of the movie’s supervillain. She gives an extra boost of spice in a rather Minion-dominated film. We love how there’s always a comical moment every five seconds, but surely there’s more to the movie than just plain comedy. Despite being a brutally comedic film due to the many “deaths” that occurred during the entire duration of the movie, Minions will still melt your heart with laughter. The little plot twist in the end will give the entire storyline some justice -- but we’re not revealing anything yet.

Watch the trailer below:

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Image via | MYC Writer Elonah Jade Bioneda

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