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Film This Weekend: Miles Ahead

Film This Weekend: Miles Ahead

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    Apr 15, 2016   Author : admin


We are gearing up for a weekend at the cinemas we are taken down the memory lane with a live-action adaptation of a Disney classic and a biography on the life of the most sought after Jazz musician to have ever lived. Things are as exciting as it gets! 

Here’s a biography of a man who hardly demands an introduction but if we absolutely had to we could say he is the man who “changed the course of music about five to six times”. Such is the great persona of Miles Davis – a legend whose name will forever be etched in every Jazz music conversation we attempt to have. 

That being said “Miles Ahead”, directed by and starring Don Cheadle attempts to take on the huge responsibility of paying tribute to the great personality. But, the question is, does it take on more than it can chew? 

Miles Ahead also takes some liberty with its storyline and it’s largely an imaginative script based on Davis’s character. The film opens with a Miles Davis who is past his prime and in search of a missing sessions tape that can possibly get him back in business. The movie strays from being essentially a biography to more of a heist film at some point. 

If you’re a Jazz listener or have ever been in awe of the famous Jazz trumpeter and curious about his life, “Miles Ahead” can be a somewhat interesting watch. 

Images: Sony Pictures Classics | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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