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Film this Weekend: The Longest Ride

Film this Weekend: The Longest Ride

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    Jul 20, 2015   Author : admin


Scott Eastwood stars as a rodeo rider called Luke in this romantic drama film. The action in The Longest Ride starts with him falling nastily from a bull he is riding.

Britt Robertson plays the part of college student Sophia, who meets Luke at the rodeo event where he makes his comeback after that earlier fall. They are immediately attracted to each other when his hat lands in her lap during the rodeo. He tries to get in touch with her afterwards but she doesn't appear interested in starting a relationship just now.

Eventually they head out to the lake for a date. On the way home they rescue and old man (called Ira and played by Alan Alda) from a burning car. He shows a great deal of concern about not losing a box in the car, which we later learn contain his old letters. Sophia then learns about Ira's former love, as she reads him back his old letters while he recovers from the accident.   

The story is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel and it is powerful tale of love in different generations. The intertwining of the modern day story and the older one is interesting. Some viewers may prefer the relationship between Sophia and Luke but for others it will be Ira's memories of his past life that will bring a tear to most people's eyes.

The younger actors turn in good, convincing performances while Alda steals the show with his heart-wrenching acting. The actors who play the younger versions of Ira and his wife Ruth also turn in terrific and believable acting performances. 

All in all, the way the two very different romantic stories from distinct generations are woven together makes this a memorable and emotional movie. This is definitely one to watch when you want to add some romance to your evening or to shed a gentle tear or two.

Watch the trailer below:

Image: Twitter | MYC Culture Writer Robert Bell


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