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Film This Weekend: Grimsby

Film This Weekend: Grimsby

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    Feb 27, 2016   Author : admin


It’s Oscar’s week people! But, while we are waiting for the biggest event in movie-land, it’s always welcome to drop in for a quick check into what’s going on at the box office. Comedy film “Grimsby” hits the screens this weekend along with horror-mystery The Forest.

Quirky comedy film starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Nobby, a dimwitted football hooligan from Grimsby who gets roped in by his long lost brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong), an MI6 agent, in an ultimate showdown to save the world! Leaving behind his near perfect life, complete with 11 children and the hottest girlfriend in Northern England, Rebel Wilson, Nobby sets on this action packed journey with his brother. While, Agent Sebastian must acknowledge that embarrassing siblings can be useful too! 

The film directed by Louis Leterrie is an epic and outrageous comedy with a solid hilarious performance by Sacha Baron Cohen. However, comparing it to his previous offerings Ali G and Borat, this one falls a little flat. The verdicts have been lukewarm so far. With a few cringe-worthy yet laugh out loud moments, the comedy might be your thing or it just might not be up your taste. Either way it is a notable addition to Britcom. The film also stars, Penelope Cruz, who returns with a comedy film appearance right after Zoolander, and Isla Fischer in lead roles. 

Even though critics have mostly given cold reviews to this spy caper, comedy buffs are flocking in to watch it for a dose of entertainment. As a big release it is bound to attract movie goers this weekend. 

Big releases are evading this weekend, but that just might mean you can have a crowd-free time at the cinemas. As for the movies that are releasing being a “yay or nay” – we’ll leave it to you to decide!

Images: ScreenRant | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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