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Film This Weekend: Florence Foster Jenkins

Film This Weekend: Florence Foster Jenkins

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    May 06, 2016   Author : admin


What better way to spend a spring weekend than catching up on some comedies. Our choices are -Zac Effron raising the temperatures for us to feel like it’s almost summers and a bizarre comedy by veteran Meryl Streep. 

Meryl Streep returns to the screens as a rich New York heiress (Florence Foster Jenkins), who aspires to be an opera singer even with a little talent in the area. A suave biopic “dramedy” that reaffirms the veteran actress’s bold choice of picking put the underrated gems over the Oscar films. “Florence Foster Jenkins” tells the story of the soprano who turned out to be a crowd favorite even with her lesser sensibilities and celebrates the delusions that manifest itself into massive success. 

Though the story originally takes place in a bygone era in the 40s, it still holds relevant today. The film also hits the nail in portraying the relationship between Florence and her husband St. Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant), who is as charmingly unaware of her shortcomings as she is to his. We see a top form Hugh Grant here, who is also manipulative enough as her manager. 

Director Stephen Frears and writer Nicholas Martin have done a fine job in etching out the flawed but relatable characters on screen and a script that rarely relents its interest factor. Also starring Rebecca Fergusson as the eclectic beauty Kathleen and Simon Helberg of the Big Bang Theory fame as a young pianist Cosme McMoon, catch Florence Foster Jenkins for a lighthearted time at the cinemas this weekend. 

Images: BBC Films | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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