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Film This Weekend: Everest

Film This Weekend: Everest

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    Sep 19, 2015   Author : admin


Everest is a dramatic adventure movie that is based on the real-life events on the disastrous 1996 Mount Everest expedition that led to the deaths of a number of climbers.

This British-American production stars Jason Clarke, Vanessa Kirby, Clive Standing, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin and Naoko Mori among others.  

The action is centred on 2 groups of climbers trying to scale the planet's highest mountain. They run into problems when a terrible blizzard hits them and we get to see the terrifying conditions high up on Everest as the groups struggle to survive.

There are plenty of moments of suspense and some tear-jerking moments as we share the anguish of the family members waiting anxiously to hear about the current situation up on the mountain.

The acting is intense, although the fact that most of the actors have their faces partially hidden by their climbing gear makes it difficult to read their emotions and for them to fully convey what they are going through.

The women in Everest are largely restricted to the roles of sitting at home and waiting for some news to come through, although this also means that they have got more possibilities of showing some real emotions to the camera.

The overall impression that this movie gives is that the director - Baltasar Kormákur – decided to keep it restrained and respectable throughout. He appears to have placed his bets on the real story being powerful and moving enough for him to be able to do a straight re-creation without too many embellishments.

It certainly works in the sense that Everest comes across as an honest and intelligent re-telling of a tragic event. If you are used to watching action-packed films then you might find that this one is surprisingly lacking in drama. However, if you allow yourself to be swept up in the tension and the feeling of imminent danger then you will discover a highly enjoyable and emotional movie here.   


Image: MonkeysFightingRobots | MYC Culture Writer: Robert Bell

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