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Film This Weekend: A Dozen Summers

Film This Weekend: A Dozen Summers

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    Aug 22, 2015   Author : admin


A Dozen Summers is a film about a couple of everyday 12 year old girls from Leicester who end up as the stars of a documentary about their lives.

Scarlet and Hero Hall are the actresses, with their on-screen personas called Maisie and Daisy McCormack. The movie was written and directed by their real-life father Kenton Hall, who also plays their on-screen father as well.  

The action is completely different from what we are used to seeing unfold in other movies, as it basically just follows the girls around for a normal day at school, in the street and at home. There is no real structure to it or story to follow. Thankfully the girls' acting and the jokes are good enough to carry most of the movie, although there are definitely some lulls along the way.

One of the issues with A Dozen Summers is that it isn't clear exactly who the film is aimed at. The fact that we see the lives of a couple of 12 year olds entirely from their point of view makes it seem as though the target market would be girls of the same age. After all, it features the same embarrassing situations, the same daily frustrations and the same awkward relationships that everyone experiences at this age.

However, there are some knowing jokes and pop culture references here that make us think that maybe it is actually set up to be enjoyed by older viewers who can see a reflection of their own childhood and teen years in it. Certainly, as a piece of nostalgia it works in the way that it shows us a lot of the unremarkable aspects of adolescent life that we probably all tend to forget about as we grow up. There are also some dream sequences and some good parts where the girls break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience.

If you want to see a new UK movie that is nothing like anything else you have ever seen then A Dozen Summers is well worth taking a look at. The girls turn in excellent, funny performances and make it a surprisingly memorable experience. For a small budget film made by a Dad and his daughters it stands up impressively well against the current competition on the cinema listings.    

Image: A Dozen Summers/Facebook |  MYC Culture Writer: Robert Bell

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