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Film This Weekend: “Mother's Day” Has an Ensemble Cast That Will Dazzle You

Film This Weekend: “Mother's Day” Has an Ensemble Cast That Will Dazzle You

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    Jun 10, 2016   Author : admin


The upcoming weekend release, “Mother’s Day” is definitely hoping to make a big opening. It marks the return for director Garry Marshall who had made some our favorite Holiday ensemble movies in the past including “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve”. As you can tell, those movies were all about a star-studded cast as well, and Mother’s Day not only sticks to that tradition, it also seems to be the third installment in the Holiday movie tradition! So yes, it pays homage to the mothers on a very special holiday, and yes, it has some of the biggest names in rom-com history. 

Julia Roberts 

We have none other than Julia Roberts returning with this movie! She plays Miranda, a writer who has given up her child for adoption. This qualifies as her return to the silver screen after quite some time. Did you know she is also a Garry Marshall staple, having done “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride” with him? 

Well, that wig is kind of (cough) hideous, but who cares – it’s freaking Julia Roberts! 

Jennifer Aniston 

Nothing goes better together than Jennifer Aniston and a good romcom movie. She totally brings it in these comedies! Here she stars as Sandy, a divorced mom. 

Kate Hudson 

She’s practically the unprecedented Queen of romcoms, and having Kate Hudson on board pretty much seals the deal on this dazzling star cast. We’re sold. And, we must say paying a tribute to all kinds of mothers IS a noble cause.  

Jason Sudeikis 

And, as one of the leading guys we have Jason Sudeikis on board playing a single dad to two girls. We always love single dads being the dad figure young girls can look up to. 

Also, the fact that this is going to be his third film with Jennifer Aniston after doing “Horrible Bosses” and “We’re the Millers” together has us kind of excited. 

The Add Ons

As a bonus we also have some of the familiar faces we’ve loved on TV – 

Britt Robertson, of popular TV shows “The Secret Circle” and “Under The Dome” fame, appears here as Kristin, Miranda’s (Julia Roberts) daughter. And, she definitely one of the rising stars to watch out for!

Shay Mitchell, from “Pretty Little Liars” who is also a social media sweetheart grabs eyeballs with her charms. She plays Tina, a young and vivacious woman who is recently married to Sandy’s (Jennifer Aniston) husband. 

So yes, Mother Day totally makes the cut for the next big ensemble cast comedy with multiple stories. But is it really going to keep up with the other successes? Well, a successful movie or not this is definitely going down in our Holiday home DVD collection amirite?! 

Images: Mother’s Day | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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