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Film Rewind: A Look Back at Gregory Peck Classics

Film Rewind: A Look Back at Gregory Peck Classics

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    Sep 05, 2016   Author : admin


He’s played the quintessential western movie cowboy to the street smart charming reporter with equal ease and has never failed to charm us be it with his extraordinary performances or his stern looks.

So we decided to take a trip down the memory lane with the work of this celebrated actor. Have you seen all of his great classics? Here are some classics which we think fall into the “must-see” category! And if you haven’t been a fan of his yet, will definitely turn you into one!

Roman Holiday: Gregory Peck rode the famous Vespa and who in the world can resist that? If you are a fan of classic romcom, this is one you cannot afford to miss. Audrey Hepburn plays the princess longing for a taste of real life, escapes royal life for a day and falls in love with a reporter.

To Kill a Mocking Bird : In this Harper Lee classic Mr. Peck gave the most iconic performance of his career as Atticus Fitch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South which also earned him his only Oscar as the Best Actor. 

Twelve O’Clock High : As the unwavering and authoritative General Frank Savage Gregory Peck re-defined war movie standards in Twelve O’clock High, a classic war movie set during the World War II. The film earned him another Oscar nomination and went on to inspire generations of movie makers. 

The Guns of Navarone : Yet another war movie and one of the greatest at that! Peck played a part of the British Team sent on an impossible mission to destroy strategically placed Nazi canons. The film went on to become one of the greatest hits of his career marked by great performances and cinematic execution. 

Spellbound: Gregory Peck teaming up with the great Alfred Hitchcock for a psychological thriller is something that no one should be missing out on! Peck starred opposite Ingrid Bergman as amnesiac psychiatrist accused of murder. It’s a must watch for the brilliant performances and the amazing chemistry between the leads! It’s like the saying “they don’t make men like the yesteryears anymore” and Gregory Peck quite makes us believe in it. His suaveness still makes the ladies swoon and nobody is close to beating his strength and command on screen.

Image: The Guardian | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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