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Film Review: Tomorrowland a World Beyond

Film Review: Tomorrowland a World Beyond

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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One of the most intriguing new film releases of recent times is Tomorrowland: A World Beyond. The build up to its release consisted mainly of mysterious references to an alternative dimension.

We can now see that it is a fantasy adventure in which Britt Robertson's character (Casey) sneaks in to a former NASA site. She is then transported to the magical Tomorrowland. This is an alternative dimension where scientists are building a better world. Could this be the place that saves humans from the impending ecological disaster?

Casey then runs into killer robots and a hologram dog before meeting George Clooney's character and discovering the truth behind Tomorrowland. The city there was built by a secret society of famous inventors and scientists who discovered a place where they could work together for a better future.  This revelation should be the movie's greatest moment but it feels like a slight let down after the mystery of the build-up.

In truth, the visual impact of our first glimpse of the dimension in which Tomorrowland sits is the film's high point. This is set up like a gleaming futuristic theme park and looks fabulous. It is a dizzying entry into the new dimension, as we see gravity defying buildings and amazing futuristic details rolled out in front of us.

The initial Box Office figures have been slightly disappointing, perhaps due to it being a different type of movie from the type that has been so popular lately. The reception from critics and the public have also been mixed. Most people have been impressed by the stunning visual appearance of Tomorrowland, but the storytelling aspect does not convince everyone. The story behind it certainly isn't as great as it could have been but for many viewers it will still provide some moments of entertainment and a nice trip to the cinema.


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