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Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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The success of 2012's Pitch Perfect movie meant that a sequel was pretty much guaranteed at some point. It has just been released and the early signs are that it is going to be an even bigger success than the feel-good original.

The basic story in Pitch Perfect 2 is that the all-female group of a Capella singers known as the Barden Bellas suffer a huge embarrassment in a high profile performance. After this public humiliation they then decide to win back their pride and status by trying to win an international singing competition that no US group has ever won. It isn't exactly a hugely original plot but the girls it off with some great singing, sassy humour and good acting. 

This is a slicker and more entertaining film than the original, while the soundtrack has already won a lot of fans. In fact, its initial success can be seen in the fact that it took just 5 days to gross more than the first Pith Perfect movie. It also quickly became the highest grossing musical opening ever in the US. 

This is classed as a musical comedy and it is good to see that the music and the humour are among its strongest points. Initial reviews have been generally positive. While some viewers might have preferred the low budget surprise hit of the original, many critics believe that the sequel is bigger, better and funnier.  

The cast includes the likes of Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. If you love watching them living out their singing dreams then you will be pleased to see that the possibility of a third film has already been confirmed by Rebel Wilson. It isn't yet clear how many of the other Bellas would be interested in making a third Pitch Perfect movie. 


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