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Film Review: Jurassic World

Film Review: Jurassic World

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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The new Jurassic World movie is the fourth in the series and has finally emerged after a decade of development issues. Is it worth the wait?

This time, the action takes place some 22 years after the time when the original Jurassic Park was set. Isla Nublar now has a dinosaur theme park that is open for business and running smoothly.

However, tourists are starting to lose interest in it, so the decision is made to create an exciting new attraction. This is a new hybrid dinosaur and you can probably already guess how it all goes horribly wrong.

Jurassic World is a well-made film that looks visually impressive. In fact, the opening sequence does a great job of bringing back the initial excitement we felt when we first saw the original Jurassic Park movie. The effects are better than in the previous outings too, although the basic premise of dinosaur carnage remains pretty much the same.

If there is a complaint that you are likely to make about Jurassic World it is that it is all a bit predictable and overly familiar. One attempt that has been made to freshen things up is with the list of new characters in this movie. Chris Pratt is the lead actor, playing velocirapotor expert Owen Grady. Other stars taking part are Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins. The only character to return from the earlier films in the franchise is Dr Henry Wu, played by B D Wong.     

The actors do a decent job, with Pratt doing enough to justify his star billing. However, they aren't quite compelling enough to make us completely forget about Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and the rest of the original cast. 

This is the sort of movie that will help you pass a fairly enjoyable couple of hours. Provided that you aren't expecting anything completely new or better than Jurassic Park then you are unlikely to be disappointed.


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Written by MYC Entertainment Writer Robert Bell

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