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Film Review: Age of Kill

Film Review: Age of Kill

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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This brand new British action thriller follows an ex-sniper whose daughter is kidnapped. The kidnapper then contacts him and orders him to kill 6 people in a day if he wants to save her life and save London from burning down. The action takes place on the streets of London and the pressure of the situation the sniper is in comes across well in some high-paced action scenes.

Martin Kemp plays the sniper who is forced to carry out the bidding of a mysterious terrorist called Jericho to save his daughter's life. Some critics have labelled it as a cross between Die Hard, Taken and 24, which gives you a decent idea as to what to expect here. 

In fact, the plot at times makes it feel a little too much like a generic action thriller but the action sequences and camera work help to set it apart from the many similar movies around.  For a low budget movie the visual presentation is very impressive and some of the production values on show help to add greatly to the overall quality.

Ex Spandau Ballet singer Kemp is in his biggest profile role since The Krays here and turns in a solid performance as Sam Blake. The ex Eastenders star has a lot of on-screen time and thankfully manages to remain interesting and watchable at all times. Other parts in Age of Kill are played by Donna Air, Nick Moran, Patrick Bergin and April Pearson but Kemp is the one who dominates the film.

This isn't a high brow film that will have you debating the plot at work the next day or that you will want to see again and again at home. However, it is an enjoyable and fast paced action thriller. If you want to see some action at the cinema with a group of friends then this movie will do the trick nicely.     


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Written by MYC Writer Robert Bell

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