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Erin Wasson Collaborates with Pacsun

Erin Wasson Collaborates with Pacsun

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    Apr 10, 2015   Author : admin

Posted in: FASHION

Erin Wasson has a certain “badass” that makes her irreplaceable in the fashion industry. She’s cool, effortless and free-spirited. But regardless of her presumably anti-It girl attitude, we know for a fact that her off-duty appeal is what models the world over yearns to achieve in their lifetime. This might be the reason why the folks over at PacSun decided to tap the stylish talent of the 33-year-old model and stylist for a cool collaboration this season. Women’s Wear Daily reports that the 25-piece collection will include pieces that set off a Western and Americana flair, all retailing from $25 to $60. It’s quite fitting to know that with Erin’s style and fashion sense, PacSun will be able to release a funky new collection that will appeal to the fashion-forward women of today. And it will come as no surprise to see studded bodysuits, overall tops, bell-bottoms, baggy jeans, printed tees, leather pants and edgy swimwear take over PacSun’s website in the coming months. It’s the model off-duty collection we’ve all been waiting for! Erin Wasson’s collection is said to launch this May 2015, and in over 315 stores worldwide. Are you excited for her collection?

In the meantime, visit PacSun’s official website to see their latest collection.


Images via Pinterest | Written by Elonah Jade Bioneda

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